Chad Kennedy

Chad Kennedy is the Industry Standards Manager for Power Equipment at Schneider Electric. In this position, Mr. Kennedy is responsible for managing company activities relating to product and application standards for Power Equipment, Renewable Energies, Energy Storage and Microgrids. Mr. Kennedy is a resident of Columbia, South Carolina, USA. He holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Carolina and is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of South Carolina. Mr. Kennedy possesses an understanding of customer needs for NEC compliant installations in healthcare, critical power, data center, and redundant control system design. He directly participates in the integration of these electrical system controls into the existing building and life safety control systems. He also serves an active role in the development and application of microgrid and energy storage solutions for Schneider Electric. Key activity areas include: Member NEC CMP 13 Member of ELS, NFPA 99 Member of NFPA 3, 4 Testing and Commissioning Member of UL, NEMA, and IEEE Technical Committees for Transformers, Panelboards, Switchboards, Switches, Switchgear , Energy Storage, Distribution Automation (Microgrid) Vice-Chair, NEMA Energy Storage Section Chair, NEMA Sharp Edges Task Force Chair, NEMA LVDE02 Panelboards and Switchboards Fire Protection Research Foundation – Member Industry Advisory Council Schneider Electric Liaison to the Electrical Enforcement Community
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