Cyrille Godinot

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Cyrille Godinot has been in Marketing, Sales & Business Development and Service Operations since 1994 in various Industries and successfully achieved fast growth across Europe, Asia and USA. His success is built on constantly leveraging new technologies and Data to serve its customer needs; Nowadays, Digitization and IoT are fueling transformation of the B2B Services.
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Electrical Panel

Smart Sensing Brings Risk Prevention to Electrical Panels

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5 min read
fire protection

Electrical Fire Protection vs. Prevention: Risk Management Based on Smart Sensing

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7 min read

Insurance and Inspection – How to Take Advantage of IIoT Digitized Power

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5 min read
IIoT Digitized Power

Compliance & Risk Management – The Advantages of IIoT Digitized Power

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business interruption

Business Interruption Prevention-The Advantages of IIoT Digitized Power

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6 min read

The Fire-Preventing Advantages of IIoT Digitized Power

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