Anthony DeSpirito

Anthony DeSpirito

Tony DeSpirito is Schneider Electric’s Vice President/General Manager of Operation Services. His responsibilities include strategy, marketing, sales, and execution of Schneider Electric’s data center operation services business. Schneider Electric operates many of the largest datacenters in the world and delivers operational excellence through rigorous processes and discipline supported by a digital foundation. A seasoned high-technology marketing and sales executive, Tony has deep domain expertise in enterprise software and managed services. His previous position was Managing Director of Strategic Accounts with responsibility for Schneider’s relationship with IBM. Tony’s skills range from C-Level selling, relationships and solution development to operational management of both channel and direct sales teams. Tony holds a BS in Mathematics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and earned his MBA from the University of Rhode Island. He is a veteran of Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Provide Comfort Campaigns in Southwest Asia and was a decorated Combat Aviator while a Captain in the United States Air Force.
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