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Improving the Efficiency of Your Packaging Systems

A disruptive force known as the fourth industrial revolution is already underway. The phenomenon – known as the Industrial Internet of Things, the digital enterprise or simply “smart manufacturing” – is creating opportunities for manufacturers around the world. This interconnected system can help you reduce costs and time to market, dramatically increase productivity and take your packaging system reliability and performance to new levels – if you have the right overall solution!

packaging drive

What should I be looking for? 

When you want to make the most of smart manufacturing in your packaging system, keep in mind that the optimal solution should be able to:

Calculate your packaging system’s energy footprint

  • Simulate the energy requirements for every component
  • Calculate a dynamic, machine-speed-dependent energy footprint — all without connecting a single motor or other component
  • Monitor the current measurement results with integrated power meters

Incorporate a comprehensive consulting service

  • Identify the “power vampires” in your equipment, working with experienced engineers equipped with state-of-art measurement technology
  • Review options for reducing high standby-energy consumption.

Apply technology for energy-efficient machines

  • Lay the groundwork for energy-optimized motion design
  • Create additional optimization potential with special technology
  • Incorporate high efficiency servomotors

A complete automation solution for motion centric machines 

Automation can help your packaging system reduce downtime, supercharge productivity and boost quality. To cite one example, PacDrive 3 is a solution that unifies PLC, motion, and robotics control functionality on a single hardware platform. Energy-efficient automated technologies like this can create up to 30% energy savings (in consumed watts per manufactured unit) compared to traditional machines.

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