Is energy efficiency the most effective means to meet federal agencies’ energy needs? 74% say “yes”

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Eating an Elephant: Complying with the EU Directive for Energy Efficiency One Bite at a Time

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Before Bringing Technology to the K-12 Classroom, Consider the State of Your UPSs

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Two Exciting Days at the Clean Energy Ministerial-4 in New Delhi

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Mayor Nutter and UII Team

Collaborating for Sustainable Cities

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DCOI Summit

5 Reasons to Attend the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) Summit

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Paris COP-21: The Time to Commit and Act has Come!

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Edwards Air Force Base Power Monitoring

EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert Ensures Reliable and Continuous Electricity Supply for Critical Air Force Base.

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DOE Expands ESPC ENABLE Program

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mission critical

Safety First: Leon County/Tallahassee Join Forces and Up Power Protection

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Policy Paralysis on Climate Change – Why We Must Reverse the Trend

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Schneider Electric Project Selected as APWA Texas Chapter Project of the Year

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