DCIM Software Makes this Swiss Data Center Run Like Clockwork

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When one software size doesn’t appear to fit all, what options are there to ensure your data center operations are always on?

No matter where in the world you are, it seems to me that the best thing a manufacturer or service provider can give any data center manager is peace of mind. The first step to achieving this is by providing visibility of the infrastructure they’re responsible for. Next, add actionable insights, followed by the capability to exercise control over the physical environment in a way that can avert future events and possible crises.

Because of today’s complex hybrid networks, visibility needs to transverse the full data center environment, from single cabinets and small IT rooms in remote locations, to larger and centralized facilities. Insights and control would include anything from quietening an alarm, to predictively scheduling maintenance, or planning future capacity changes and upgrades.

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How is this possible? We can get this from using DCIM software which enables data center assets to be tracked accurately from behind a desk and IT environments modeled in 3D.

However, there are other challenges which have to be addressed if data center managers are going to be able to get a good night’s, worry-free sleep. A good example is a recent experience I’ve had with a customer in Switzerland.

Keeping a Watch on Data Centers and the Brands They Support

The Swiss are well known for their penchant for precision, discipline and punctuality. In fact, it is this perfectionism that underpins celebrated Swiss quality. Knowing this, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Switzerland is world renowned for the quality and precision of their timepieces. A customer of ours is a luxury-goods company, supporting some of the top watch brands.

With a large central data center supported by distributed, remote IT facilities, this customer wanted an efficient means to view and control their complex infrastructure without being physically present. This is by no means a unique challenge and probably resonates with every data center manager of multiple locations. However, a secondary, human challenge emerged – how do you go about fulfilling data center service and maintenance requirements without an extensive network of technicians?

By subscribing to EcoStruxure™ Asset Advisor, the customer is able to leverage Schneider Electric’s bureau service. Providing additional eyes for around the clock monitoring of infrastructure incidents, bureau personnel are readily available to either remotely troubleshoot an issue or dispatch a field service technician armed with the necessary information and equipment to quickly resolve the issue and minimize downtime.

The collective Schneider Electric EcoStruxure IT software and service application can be scaled according to the number of devices and number of locations to be monitored and controlled; truly a one size fits all approach. Data center managers can not only increase the reliability of their infrastructure, but also add a virtual force of technicians to complement in-house resources with this intelligent software.

Capture Insights and Monitor Your Data Center with DCIM Software

For our customer, it all adds up to reliable and secure data centers, and the benefit of a good night’s rest while Schneider Electric keeps a watchful eye on operations. Learn more about the EcoStruxure IT solutions that they implemented and how they can help you get a good night’s rest too.

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