Kicking off AAPI Heritage Month at Schneider Electric

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At Schneider Electric, “Embrace Different” is one of our core values. We aim to provide equal opportunities to everyone, everywhere and to ensure all employees feel uniquely valued and safe to contribute their best.

Schneider Electric’s Employee Resource Networks (ERNs) play an essential role in our Diversity & Inclusion strategy. Over the past several years, these employee-led networks have fostered education and awareness surrounding minority and diversity communities, while supporting company and local DEI efforts.

Introducing the Asian Professionals ERN

Last year, Schneider Electric launched the Asian Professionals ERN in the US. The Asian Professionals ERN is a place of community and belonging for those who identify as Asian, and all employees who are interested in gaining cultural learning, exposure, and active allyship in support of the community.

As an Asian-American professional of Japanese and Filipino ancestry, I joined the core team to support the launch of this network and help build an inclusive community like those pioneered by ERNs such as the Hispanic Professionals, Black Professionals and LGBTQ+ and Allies. For many of Asian heritage, it has become incredibly important and meaningful to see our communities represented more widely and authentically, whether that be in media portrayals, leadership or beyond. The opportunity to share and learn about the rich, diverse set of Asian experiences through the ERN is a key form of that representation here at Schneider. We are especially encouraged as we’ve seen strong support and engagement from employees of many different Asian and non-Asian backgrounds.

The Asian Professionals ERN hosted multiple activities on topics from stereotypes to celebrating the Lunar New Year to cuisines. We organized opportunities to create allyship in planning the National ERN virtual celebration of Black History Month this past February. While a lot has happened thus far, the Asian Professionals ERN still has more in the works to continue building an employee community rooted in collaboration. This month, we kick off the first Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage month celebration at the company.

AAPI Heritage Month

In May, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month recognizes and celebrates the strength, tenacity, resilience and contributions of Asian-Americans from around the world.

This month, the Asian Professionals ERN will lead several engagements, including a virtual panel discussion and several learning series for employees. These events have the intent of promoting a more inclusive environment for the Asian-American community, featuring external speakers, documentary showings, and our own leaders.

Learn more about the Asian Professionals core team below!

“What I love most about Schneider is that it is a people-centric organization. New hires like myself are welcomed with opened arms and am empowered to make decisions. We need to continue to work closely as a team to break down silos and seek consensus in a very matrixed organization.”

Jennifer Kong-Picarello, SVP CFO Energy Management

Asian Professionals Executive Sponsor



“Schneider Electric has given me the opportunity to gain the confidence that I need and grow myself professionally. Some of the best advice I was given was, ‘Bowen, you don’t need to ask for permission to do anything as long as it benefits yourself, people around you, and the company.’”

Bowen Liu, Product Owner, Digital Innovation & Technology

Asian Professionals Co-President

“Working at Schneider Electric has afforded me the opportunity move across the country, and travel internationally to collaborate with other organizations, business units and functions. In just under a decade, I’ve been in a fast-paced sales role, took the lead in a Product Owner position in SE Digital, and now play a critical part in the operations of a Global Business Unit. This is all thanks in part to an inclusive company culture and the constant encouragement of my mentors and peers to overcome different challenges and explore all Schneider Electric has to offer.”

Miguel-Luis Mariano, Sr. Business Analyst, Global Sales Operations

Asian Professionals Co-President

“In addition to providing me with professional growth opportunities, Schneider Electric has also opened up doors for me to support wider DEI and sustainability missions. It’s been a joy and honor to work alongside many incredible people who share a desire to create a meaningful, positive impact on our planet in both local and global capacities.

Crislyn Ogawa, Communications Manager, Sustainability Business

Asian Professionals Creative Leader


“When I was looking for jobs out of college, I was looking for a company that I can pour my education and passions in to. I am glad I landed in Schneider after graduation. Schneider if full of bright, welcoming, and motivated individuals and it didn’t take long to know I choose the right company. I am constantly encouraged to learn more, to speak up, and to network!”

Michelle Soram Kim, Digital Excellence Specialist

Asian Professionals Community Leader

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that Schneider Electric has given me to develop and grow my career. My professional network has grown stronger and beyond what I had imagined since I am part of the Asian Professional Employee Resource Network. I am learning every day, collaborating with my peers, sharing lessons learned, mentoring, and helping others reach their goals. There are so many opportunities to explore that there no limits to what you can achieve. Working at Schneider, your Life and Career is always ON.”

Alejandro Fung, Inside Sales Manager, Industrial Automation

Asian Professionals Development Leader

“I love being part of an organization such as Schneider Electric – a company that focuses on diversity and inclusivity. Not only that, SE provides opportunities for growth and development. During my time at Schneider, I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects that fall outside of my job scope, which allowed  me to develop new skill sets, network with other SE employees, but also encourages myself to keep learning.”

Nina Russel, Service Order Manager

Asian Professionals Awareness Leader




About the Author

Crislyn Ogawa is a Communications Manager for the Sustainability Business Public Sector Team.

As communications manager within the Sustainability Business, Crislyn develops key messaging around innovative offer launches, strategic initiatives, and people recognition. As an employee resource network national leader, Crislyn spearheads and supports efforts that empower employees to learn, volunteer, and drive positive social change. Specializing in project management and storytelling through dynamic, impactful visualization and communication, she aims to not only to drive business success, but to also amplify the diverse perspectives of employees and the communities Schneider Electric serves.

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