Valerie Layan

Appointed in September 2018 as Segment President, Valerie is responsible to develop the transportation market for Schneider Electric globally. The transportation Segment focuses on the infrastructure of airports, railways & public urban transportation, as well as ports & roads. Addressing key challenges from urbanization, sustainability and building smarter cities, Valerie is responsible for Schneider Electric’s global strategic customers, delivering unique customer value and solutions to address their needs – supporting both End Users as well as value chain players. Prior to taking this position in the company, Valerie held several roles in the Digital Energy Division, as Line of Business Vice President. Previously Valerie worked 20+ years in the Colo and Telco Industry at Nortel, Nokia and Colt. She has brought this in-depth and long-standing experience and knowledge of End to End Digitized & Cloud based Solutions to Schneider Electric. She graduated from the Institut Polytechnique de Lorraine and London Business School.
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