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Serge Bernard

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Serge Bernard has more than 25 years experience in the Power Quality and UPS industry, both among the customers and the solutions for the critical applications. Previously in the position of Worldwide Marketing Manager, and Business development Manager, Serge has been focusing for several years on Marketing activities and has introduced many innovative Power Quality Solutions. Key achievements are :  Introduction of the first Industrial Active Harmonic Conditioner  Introduction of the first 3 phase UPS with Power Factor Corrected rectifier  Compatibility test of UPS with Supercapacitors and flywheel technologies  Innovative Power Quality solutions for computer loads with leading Power Factor  First 720 kW UPS introduced in Europe  First Three phase Marine UPS type approved above 20 kVA Serge graduated from the Grenoble Electronic Institute (Engineer School) in France and holds a master degree in Power Electronics and Telecommunication.
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