Rob Bier

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Rob Bier is Principal at T.M. Bier, a Master-level BMS EcoXpert™. T.M. Bier & Associates, Inc. (TMBA) was established in 1977 in Long Island, NY. Since that time, the company has grown into the metropolitan New York area’s most prominent independent automated building management systems engineering company. The design & installation of HVAC systems, lighting controls systems, security systems & various industrial controls is only part of the solution that T.M. Bier provides to its clients. T.M. Bier uses the most advanced technology on the market in the design, installation, monitoring, and service of HVAC systems & controls, lighting controls, security systems, and various industrial controls. TMBA offers building automation systems, engineering solutions, and high-quality services backed by decades of experience; the type of experience that many prestigious properties in the Northeast have relied on. T.M. Bier is also certified as an Access Control EcoXpert.
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