Rik De Smet

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Rik is the senior partner of Industrial Digital Transformation Consulting team for Schneider Electric. He has worked in the industry for over 25 years, held several managerial roles in Europe, Asia and Middle East. He has comprehensive domain knowledge and extensive experience in both strategic planning and operations. Rik has great passion in helping industrial companies look for solutions beyond the standard. He constantly challenges the norm and challenges himself, to ask the right questions and determine the right models to respond to change, particularly change driven by Digital Transformation.
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digital transformation

Digital transformation drives sustainability improvements in 4 ways

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Digital transformation and sustainability

How digital transformation drives sustainability: The fast lane on the road to industrial carbon neutrality

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Digital transformation

Suez Canal blockage: Evidence that Data Transformation initiatives are needed to reduce risk and improve operational visibility

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digital transformation

3 Steps to Ensure Digital Transformation Theory Translates into Factory Productivity Benefits

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Digital Transformation connected platforms

Digital Transformation is Not About New Technology, It’s About Connecting People with Platforms

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Cognitive augmentation in digital transformation

Digital Transformation through Cognitive Augmentation: It’s About People

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Digital Transformation

To Achieve Digital Transformation in Process Manufacturing, Select the Right People

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Digital Transformation

Why “Exceptional Customer Experience” Should Define Industrial Digital Transformation Projects

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Digital Transformation is a journey

Successful Industrial Company Digital Transformation Starts with a New Mindset

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