Philippe Vollet

Philippe Vollet

I have a robust experience in Innovation and Strategic Marketing, I joined Schneider Electric in 1989. I started my carrer as an reliability engineer in the Low Voltage Switchboards Department, then managed the design office, and finally take the head of technical department up to 2005. Then I took the head of architectures, innovation and expertise for the Low and Medium Voltage Swichtboards, Panelboards and Busways Department, and have had the opportunity to renew most part of the offer up to 2008. In 2008, I moved to Shanghai for setting up the Asia-Pacific LV & MV Equipment and Systems business development department. In 2009, I took the responsibility of Strategic Marketing for Final Distribution department, in charge of Tertiary and Industry offers and roadmap. In addition to this responsibility, I became one pioneer of Electric Vehicle business, working on both product and services offers. In 2013, I joined the Partner standardization department. I am married and I have two children. I have a double competency: Graduate Engineer of IEG and Master2 MEA of IAE.

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