Mo Ahmed

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Mo Ahmed has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and over twenty years of experience in the steel industry. Before joining Schneider Electric in 2018, he worked for Primetals Technologies, Siemens, Ivaco Rolling Mills and GE. He filled roles including automation and drives engineering, maintenance management, pre-sales support and sales of multi-million-dollar steel plant projects. He has engaged in the industry on a global scale, travelling to over 50 countries to meet and understand the needs of his customers. He is also an author of multiple white papers that have been published and presented at numerous steel-industry conferences.
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Green Steel

How the Quest for Green Steel is Revolutionizing the Once Mature Industry

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Microgrid Electrification: A New Formula for Enhancing Sustainable Mining, Minerals and Metals Industry Operations

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sustainable mining

5 Key Elements to Speed Your Transition to Sustainable Mining, Minerals, and Metals Operations

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Practical Applications of Digitalization in Mining, Minerals and Metals Business

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Sustainable steel production is closer than you think

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Navigating the changing tides of the US steel industry

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