Matthew Tavares

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Matthew Tavares is a staff-level global offer manager focused on the modular data center industry at Schneider Electric. He has more than 20 years of experience developing and supporting critical power systems and integrated solutions within Schneider Electric. He has spent a large portion of his time with Schneider Electric developing and marketing the next generation critical power systems that include uninterruptable power systems, complete infrastructure systems, reference designs for data centers, modular data centers, and of late the enablement of software and services with the modular data center market. Matthew has a strong understanding of international markets and their technical requirements bringing a global perspective as he supports our strategic multinational customers.
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remote monitoring for modular data centers

The Benefits of Integrating Hardware, Software, and Services within a Modular Data Center

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How Modular Data Centers Mitigate Colocation Provider Construction Risks

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Prefabricated skids

When Evaluating Prefabricated Power Skids, Look to a Trusted Partner with the Latest State of the Art Components

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