Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar is a Senior Vice-President of the Building Management line of business at Schneider Electric. Manish brings a unique blend of strategy, technology & international experience to his role with over 10 years of transformational leadership in Corporate Strategy, Buildings and Solar business at Schneider Electric. Manish holds advanced degrees from HEC, INSEAD, and Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. His bold idea? Let’s shape technology to enable ordinary people do extraordinary things and make the world a better place.
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BMS Modernization

Aging BMSs put your building and business at risk – start your modernization plan today

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Building Performance

4 Ways Digital Services Help Deliver Exceptional Building Performance

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Modernizing Building Management System: 7 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Take Action

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Flexible buildings

5 ways to create flexible buildings to meet evolving workplace and business needs

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hotel room

Today’s Hotel Room Innovations Help Meet New Operational and Guests Expectations

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3 Steps to Healthy Buildings: Insights From Our Global Study

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Expert Insights: Smart building technology drives a safer workplace

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healthy buildings

Innovation Talk Highlights: Healthy Buildings

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building management software

Four Factors to Consider When Evaluating Building Management Software Solutions

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smart building

Is Your Building Designed to Help People Thrive?

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