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In the wake of Brexit, I was asked by our chief strategy officer to join his team, Group Strategy and Government Affairs, to build a competency around scenario planning. To corporate scenario planning from a geo-political view, an industry specific view and also taking into consideration black swans into our normal strategic planning cycle. In addition, adding new responsibilities for government affairs work in the UK and the rest of Europe including Russia while continuing as a thought leader for Schneider Electric in the Industrial IoT space. Prior to this, I was Schneider Electric’s Senior Vice President of Strategy. In this role, I was responsible for the strategic planning activities for the company’s Industry Business. I Joined Schneider Electric in 2014 through the acquisition of Invensys. Prior to the acquisition I was the head of global business development for the Invensys systems business and was a leader on the integration of the company with Schneider Electric. Throughout my career with Invensys I have held various positions across the automation business in key account management, strategy, planning, M&A and in the CEO’s office. Prior to joining Invensys, I worked for the Ethyl Corporation where I held a series of senior positions in R&D, technical support and global accounts. I am a chemist by training and hold a Bachelor of Science from the University of Southern Illinois and a Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico. I am a resident of the UK and a dual US and UK national.
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