Francisco Pombas

Francisco Pombas

Francisco Pombas is a partner and sales manager of Domótica SGTA Group (Portugal, Spain, Angola, Mozambique and Brazil). Francisco completed the electrical and computer engineering course at I.S.T. in Lisbon in 1989, During his early career he worked as a consultant for electrical and telecommunication projects. From 1997 to 2000 at Domótica SGTA, Francisco and his team were responsible for the installation and commissioning of several Building Management Systems, including SCADA software. These include the Atrium Saldanha Building, the Jamor Olympic Swimming Pools, the Serralves Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art, and the St. Bernardo Hospital in Setúbal, among others. Since 2000, Francisco has focused mainly on Domótica’s business functions. In addition, he provides training and has been a key speaker about Building Management Systems at lectures and events.
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