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Debbie Dailey

Debbie Dailey is a New Offer Manager for Edge/Telco in Schneider Electric’s Secure Power division. With her talent for cultivating strategic relationships, her passion for sales, and her expertise in infrastructure technology, Debbie drives innovative solutions and seamless operations for global clients. She focuses her business development efforts on Schneider Electric and APC’s strategic alliance partners including HPE, Scale, NetApp and Cisco. With exceptional communication skills, Debbie translates technical material for marketing purposes and represents Schneider Electric’s broad range of solutions at national and international tours and events. Prior to joining Schneider Electric in 2011, she was the U.S. Head of Sales for Kell Systems, the manufacturer of the NetShelter CX. She is the proud daughter of a retired Army General and Hall of Fame Helicopter pilot and the proud mother of three sons. She lives in the Washington, D.C. area and enjoys an active lifestyle.
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