Chris Smith

Chris Smith is an experienced professional engineer, specializing in systems automation and process control technology for global systems companies such as Leeds and Northrup, Foxboro and now Schneider-Electric. His role covers all aspects of operations and offering strategies for SCADA systems serving the Oil and Gas and Industrial Power Industries.
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What just happened and why ? – Unravel the domino effect with SOEs in SCADA

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Combining Image Capture with Monitoring

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Software Patents Determination of Interest

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Playing DICE with Dr. Diesel’s Moteur to reduce CO2 Intensity

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Back to Bauhaus – with Windows 8

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Are you ALERT or just waiting dear M2M machine

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Situational awareness: Man vs Machine

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Grow Grow Grow !

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Remote Control Modes – Local vs Remote

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(Moore) Lawbreaking – In a P.E.R.F.E.C.T. way !

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Englebart and Bose As We Might Think and hear Mr Mouse..

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Reflecting on IP/Ethernet protocol

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