Bernard Jover

Bernard Jover

I am a senior expert in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) with Schneider Electric where I’ve worked since 1988 and built up my expertise in lightning protection. I’m a power electronics graduate with a speciality in training that I obtained at the Ecole Polytechnique – a well-known technical university in France. On graduating I worked as a design engineer before joining Schneider Electric in the late 1980s. Over the years I’ve built up a body of knowledge and expertise in electromagnetics and protecting installations from lightning – particularly hardening methods and processes. I have led lightning protection studies, performed diagnostics, and designed solutions in fields of industry ranging from military applications to the food and beverage business. I am particularly interested in standards and as a specifications engineer and I actually have two patents to my name. I have been an active member of the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization for 15 years and I’m also a member of the French national body. I do a lot of teaching and training, too. I think it is as important to share expertise as it is to acquire it.
The world of electronics can be a cruel one for cables – particularly the sensitive ones that carry sensor readings. They can be badly disturbed by the big power cables or relay switch arcs.

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