Why Micro Data Centre as a Service should be a key component of your IT Strategy

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What you’re missing out by not considering MDC as a Service

The secular shift towards focusing on core business deliverables, while outsourcing all non-core business activities is a key trend identified in the post-Covid19 world. The competitive outlook for many businesses is tightening and enterprises are looking to develop additional capabilities to ensure their center of attention is focused firmly on their customer’s needs.

Edge or on-premise data centers are still critical requirements for many enterprises looking to modernize or expand their IT Compute, Storage, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications. The value that enterprises provide to their customers is exceedingly delivered from the top of the IT stack – not from the base infrastructure such as server racking, protected power or critical cooling.

As it happens, many data centre operators are not experts in the technology that underpins their data centre solution. Asset lifecycle servicing requirements can be complicated and if not addressed correctly, may result in undesired downtime events. Reliability of all components within the IT infrastructure stack is key in ensuring that your customers can access the outcomes they acquire from your business. In addition, the resources required to monitor, maintain and manage your Micro Data Centre solution can be used more effectively within your enterprise to deliver additional value to your customers.

Take a second to pause and think about what your organisation could achieve with additional focus on your core business activities.

What can Schneider Electric do for my enterprise?

Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Outcomes solution may be suitable for businesses looking to access their Micro Data Centre solution as-a-Service. Many of the existing software and cloud solutions are accessed by enterprises as-a-Service due to the global trend of businesses looking to manage consumption instead of asset ownership. The same experience can now be accessed for Micro Data Centres with Schneider Electric.

Hany Tayel, Procurement Manager from the NSW Aboriginal Land Council has recently signed on to access their Micro Data Centre requirements as-a-Service and has said, “We can double down our efforts to pursue cultural, social and economic improvements for Aboriginal people in NSW while they (Schneider Electric) manage the Micro Data Centre solution on our behalf as experts in their field. The ability to pay only for what is consumed while being agile with capacity provisioning is critical for our organisation as we transition away from owning and servicing this type of critical infrastructure”.

Your enterprise can now avoid the responsibility of managing your Micro Data Centre hardware solution when you access your requirements from Schneider Electric as-a-Service. Ownership, Installation, Monitoring, Maintenance, Support and End-of-Life considerations are no longer a concern as Schneider Electric provides these outcomes to your business without any CAPEX required. Your allocated Customer Success Manager will also provide guidance to your business on how best to manage their future critical infrastructure roadmap.

This affords our customers the peace of mind knowing that uninterruptable power, cooling, server racks and supporting equipment is served to you as per your actual requirements over the contracted period.

What about Sustainability and the Circular Economy?

Concepts such as Sustainability, Circular Economy and as-a-Service have been integrated into EcoStruxure Outcomes, enabling enterprise leaders to access the circular economy while highlighting their green credentials.

Efficiency of energy and capital are key drivers behind the design of EcoStruxure Outcomes. We can ensure your enterprise’s Micro Data Centre requirements are right-sized over the solution’s entire lifecycle journey, maximizing energy efficiency and ensuring you only pay for the outcome that is actually consumed.

As the owner of the solution, we ensure that all products are refurbished or recycled in a sustainable manner at the end of service life. The current statistic from our eWaste team has indicated that in 2020, 99% of returned obsolete product was diverted from landfill. Our key customer Hany Tayel mentions that “As custodians of the land, our organisation is also cognisant of the environmental factors behind the sustainable acquisition, use, reuse or disposal of this infrastructure. Schneider Electric’s solution greatly exceeds our expectations in this regard.”

Would you like to learn more about Micro Data Centre as a Service?

To learn more about how Micro Data Centre as a Service can be experienced by your organisation, access the EcoStruxure Outcomes page or view the ADAPT Research Brief on how as-a-Service could suit your organization’s objectives.

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