Digitizing industries – from the pushbutton up

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As industrial companies move further and further into digitization, the opportunities and benefits become apparent across the spectrum and up the technology stack.

While there are parts of industry that have been connecting sensors for operational efficiency for many years such as continuous process industries, the benefits of the digitization of industry are now available and recognized across the entire market. The increase in the number of connected points is exponential.

We see this as an evolution in technologies that is driving revolutionary business opportunities – from 1987 with the world’s first ‘open’ distributed control system – the Foxboro I/A Series system, to 1997 when we launched the “Transparent Factory” concept, and with the introduction of EcoStruxure in 2007 and System Platform in 2009, we have always been a pioneer in this space.

What has changed now is marginal cost of connecting, communicating and analyzing – a good example is the change in data transmission rates for mobile phones versus 10 years ago, and in the same vein the change in computing power versus 10 years ago.

For industrial companies, this will lead to greater operational efficiency from end to end of the process (engineering to operation to maintenance) and across the value chain. These efficiency gains will come from the ability of the operation to react more dynamically to changing business conditions for better business results.

The best connected products

The Industrial Internet of Things starts with the best “things” – the best connected products that help to improve operational efficiency and profitability for industrial companies.For machine builder OEM customers, we can see these benefits come into play from the smallest products. The humble pushbutton can deliver greater efficiency, reliability, and connectivity across the complete machine life cycle through being:

  • Robust to withstand even severe environments, which brings process reliability, continuity of service, high electrical performance and lower maintenance
  • Cost effective to help keep costs down through faster, simpler installation and maintenance
  • Efficient for ease-of-use that makes work practices simpler for improved operator efficiency and a clearer view of control features

New pushbutton features to realise more value

New features are taking smart machines and panels to the next level:

  • New USB and RJ45 ports enable easy and secure connection to machines, offering a simple and effective way to connect a PC or USB memory device right to the front plate of a machine enclosure to export data and update the PLC,  HMI and VSD program
  • The new flush pushbuttons deliver innovative and attractive design that improves the look and feel of control panels and machines
  • New sound and illuminated alarms can be easily installed for clearer operator indication

The Industrial Internet of Things starts with the best products and the best things, and only then can they be connected to drive value for our customers. From the smallest pushbutton the digitization of industry offers efficiency, reliability, high performance, easy installation and maintenance across the life cycle.

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