From Software Command to Consumer Demand

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Manufacturing has evolved tremendously since the Industrial Revolution, two-and- a-half centuries ago. Automation and software are increasingly driving operations in modern production processes.

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Manufacturing today has to be carried out in a highly competitive, regulatory, technology-driven, sustainable, fast, efficient and cost-effective way – under all very competing compulsions.

In effect, the sum-total of these overpowering factors translates into a complex industrial environment. If you don’t have the right technology, you can’t last long. If you are not fast, efficient and cost-effective, you stare at losses. If you are not sustainable, you risk regulatory enforcement. If you’re not competitive, you get edged out.

Meeting up to most of these challenges is, however, not the end, it’s actually only the beginning. Welcome to the world of Operations. Operations Managers of today’s general manufacturing require access to timely, accurate and relevant information so as to achieve peak performance parameters and operational KPIs.

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There are innumerable processes in an industrial chain and they have their related data points in the production life-cycle. The Managers have to know the status of all these processes – in real-time – in order to get up to the biggest process of them all – the decision-making process.

The objective of this overarching process is Optimization. It means effectively managing transformation of materials and resources to gain commanding efficiency. It also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and realizing the operational goals of quality, profitability and productivity.

Software plays a critical role in modern manufacturing – delivering huge cost advantages in designing, building, deploying and maintaining snap-fit and cyber-secure applications for line performance and operations. The power of computer language and connected machines in today’s industrial ecosystem is huge. Cloud Solutions and Internet of Things have changed the production landscape.

Besides application of Operations Management and Manufacturing Operations Management (MES) solutions, production and industrial operations have to be synchronized with strategic business objectives as well. The solution therefore has to enable enterprise integration, connecting different applications in supply chain and other enterprise layers.

There were implements, there were machines, there were operations, and then there was software.

If you want to be bench-marked in manufacturing tomorrow, go for a comprehensive software-powered solution today.

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