Schneider Electric Celebrates Data Privacy Day!

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At Schneider Electric we promote a privacy culture across our organizations and geographies and support the fundamental rights to data privacy and protection as well as comply with related laws and regulations.

That’s why, this year again, we celebrate the International Data Privacy Day in raising awareness on digitally trusted and secured data handling practices among our teams, consistent with our longstanding Principles of Responsibility.

January 28 is an important date all around the world to take time to reflect upon how personal information is handled, promote the privacy dialogue, empower data handlers to take appropriate actions and contribute to a safer internet.

At a time when more products are connected and services digital, consumers’ attitude towards privacy evolves. A recent Ernst & Young survey shows that for 63% of consumers, knowing that their data is collected and stored securely is the most important factor when deciding to share their personal information.

Schneider's 4 pillars on Data Privacy and protectionWhile the protection of personal information is a continuous effort, the international Data Privacy Day is the opportunity for Schneider Electric’s Data Protection Office to remind Company’s employees of the right ingredients needed to Build Trust with Data Privacy and the Company tools and recipes available.

Every Schneider Electric employee, while handling personal information is asked to act as a human firewall by protecting data to prevent harm being done. They are also called to become cybersecurity and privacy architects, rethinking and redesigning the way we use and maintain information, considering the 4 foundational themes of our Data Privacy Wheel:

1. Minimize:

Customers’ trust in an organization is impacted if they are asked more information than necessary. We promote the minimization of the personal information we use to get only what is really needed, as well as data deletion when it is no longer needed as good data hygiene practices.

2. Empower:

Our technology intends to give the control back to the customer of its energy consumption. The same philosophy is fostered with respect to data, where the customer must be placed at the center of product design in our Secure Development Lifecycle and given appropriate controls. As there is no trust without transparency, we require clarity and openness about the way personal information is used and shared.

3. Secure:

Cybersecurity is capital to maintain customer trust. Personal information is to be kept secure throughout the data life cycle in compliance with Company policies, while intervening at customer site or remotely.

4. Manage:

Personal information is managed in an accountable way by implementing Schneider Electric Global Data Privacy Policy across entities and geographies and key processes.

Digital assets go through internal certification to embed security and privacy into their development and before launch.

To ensure and protect trust, we conclude agreements with our suppliers, which solidify their privacy and security commitments and reserve Schneider Electric the right to assess their effectiveness.

We also implement incident detection technologies and incident management processes to ensure prompt address, remediation and mitigation, relying on the active collaboration of our employees.

So, on January 28, Schneider Electric employees, customers and partners are all invited to “Take a Privacy Moment”™.

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