Yes, Data Center Flexibility and Standardization are Possible

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Being “busy doing nothing”, eating “jumbo shrimp”, or having a “minor crisis” — none of these oxymoronic activities are recommended in a data center. The one oxymoron you can get behind, however, is flexible standardization. That’s how Infomart Data Centers is creating a multisite, colocation environment that appears and operates the same, no matter where the facility is, using a HyperPod solution.

We need to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively support the different sized deployments our customers require while eliminating inconsistencies across all Infomart data center locations in Portland, Oregon, San Jose, California, and Virginia.

The Right-Fit Solution for Infomart Data Centers

Data Center

When starting the build process at our Virgina site, the Infomart team went to the Schneider Electric Technology Center in St. Louis and discovered HyperPod. It’s flexible and scalable enough to fit our varied design concepts, has the quality and appearance we want to deliver to our customers, and can be quickly installed without construction.

HyperPod is a rack-ready system for deploying IT at scale in increments of 8 to 12 racks. It’s freestanding support structure allows for air containment to various types of racks and can adapt to a variety of cooling and power configurations. It’s equivalent to our custom builds and also flexible and scalable enough to fit our varied design concepts. Basically, our customers just have to bring their servers.

Expert Deployment, From Concept to Execution

Schneider Electric was on site helping Infomart put all the pieces together for the first build, essentially creating a proof of concept to take to other Infomart locations. Because of HyperPod’s ease of deployment, moving forward, Infomart will handle the installation of additional units. Besides being able to adapt configurations, we’ve significantly reduced our deployment time for a 50-foot length of aisle containment space.

Read Our Case Study

Take it from me, flexible standardization in a data center is not an oxymoron. Our case study details the work we’ve done to embody that approach.


Casey VanderbeekAbout the Author:

Casey Vanderbeek – Director of Client Technical Solutions, Infomart Data Centers

Casey joined Infomart Data Centers in 2016 to build out Infomart’s solution design and implementation disciplines. He is an expert in understanding customer requirements and being able to identify a solution to meet their needs. Casey has a 20-year history in supporting, planning and managing information technology initiatives. Immediately before joining Infomart Casey spent 10-years with ViaWest where he was instrumental in building the Oregon market and was the lead solution engineer for the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. His experiences in managing IT Teams and corporate data center initiatives has given Casey the ability to address the real-world concerns of Infomart’s customers. Casey has a BA in Business Management from the University of New Mexico.

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