Jai Thampi

Jai Thampi, Senior VP Strategy & Innovation at Schneider Electric’s Home & Distribution division, is an established thought leader in strategy, digital transformation and corporate innovation in B2C and B2B domains. An international keynote, and twice recipient of the 'Most Impactful Smart Cities Leader' global award in 2020 and 2019, Jai also serves as advisor on the board of tech startups in Asia, and has previously held leaderships roles in leading multinationals like Cisco, Electrolux, Philips and Belkin.
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Can sustainable, net-zero homes improve our wellbeing, and that of the planet?

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solar panels with city in the background sustainability

Sustainable home improvement is life improvement

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Is the race for technological innovation another David vs. Goliath story?

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Energy Invisible

Energy waste: Can we reconcile consumerism with responsible consumption?

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Sustainable Innovation Starts at Home: The Singapore Story

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Green Buildings

Net-zero cities can’t exist without sustainable smart home

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Green shoots: 3 predictions for a post-pandemic world

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KNX Multitouch Interface for Smart Homes

How We Should Build Sustainable Homes of the Future

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