Weather: This Decade’s Geolocation – Part 1 of 3

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“Geo-weather” the next big thing

Over the last decade, geolocation — the technique of identifying the geographical location of a person or device by means of digital information processed via the Internet — has changed the way we live and do business.

What’s more, there has been immense value in connecting a business’s assets to specific locations. Connectivity and ubiquity have helped businesses leverage countless reams of geospatial data to triangulate the locations of critical assets, and to monitor and control them in real-time. In the coming decade, similar or even greater value will be derived from knowing the real-time weather impacting or soon to impact an asset’s location.

Weather Drivers
Weather Drivers


Location-specific, real-time weather information can significantly impact operational decisions influencing a business’s critical infrastructure. But it depends on its decision makers to decide which weather data to use and over what time period. So while some are interested in historical weather patterns for a given location and how it can influence day-to-day decisions, others may be interested in day-ahead forecasts to provide them with the most value.

In our next blog in this three-part series, we’ll take a look at specific weather data and how it can be used to help organizations improve decisions.

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