Enhanced Weather Information Integrated into Websites and Applications

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Utilities need access to accurate weather forecasts, and for many utilities, being able to integrate that weather information into their existing systems is critical.  A utility doesn’t want the wrong information or delayed information coming to them.  MxVision WeatherSentry GIS Web Services from Schneider Electric allows customers to access top-rated weather content for use in their own applications and websites.  The external weather data is integrated directly into critical software applications and/or websites so customers can improve weather-related visualization and operational decisions and see an integrated view of the weather’s impact on their operations.

Web Map Services of the GIS web services offers global weather content on a map for overlay in applications and websites, giving customers access to lightning predictions, customizable severe weather alerts, National Weather Service watches and warnings, enhanced satellites and current conditions.

Web Feature Services strengthens any geospatial analysis of weather information which customers can deploy in a variety of valuable applications.

Web Feature Services allows our customers to correlate lightning strikes and outage reports, improving crew dispatching and the speed of restoration.  Additionally, weather information can be correlated with outage patterns to pinpoint infrastructure weaknesses and support proactive improvements.  Utilities can also take advantage of Web Feature Services enhancements to assist with post storm analysis and reporting, as well as enabling severe weather alerting within applications. Customers have the ability to fully and easily integrate this information into business-critical applications. Utilities can benefit from time and cost savings, but so can their own customers.

GIS Web Services are delivered via a high-performance computing platform for fast, reliable response, and meet OCG standards to work well with a variety of visualization applications. Let’s face it, no one wants to wait or can afford to wait for the information they need.

Utilities can now access all of the great features of MxVision WeatherSentry Online on their own systems, creating greater efficiency and time and cost savings.