As the Automotive Industry Embraces e-Mobility Services and Connected Vehicles, IT Infrastructure Has to Adjust

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Creating intelligent transportation linking people with the city

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Green Concept

How an Industrial UPS and Cooling Helps a Metro Facility Earn a Green Building Platinum Rating

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How to Avoid Losing $4M an Hour with a Smart Medium Voltage System

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Large Motor starting 102: Motor applications and their characteristics – for a better motor management

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The “PLC” – Born out of a customer’s need to maximize profitability

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How the right motor management saves +20% OPEX in LNG ships

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Keep transportation operations on track with medium voltage switchgear maintenance

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transportation in smart cities

The Missing ‘Second Cities’

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New Zealand Utility Finds a Prefab, Modular Data Center is Just the Fix for its Data Center Expansion

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US Wholesale Gasoline Prices Decline in June despite Demand Surge

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Will Higher Gasoline Prices Choke Off Strong Driving Demand?

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