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Wiser Hometouch screen

A Wiser approach to smart homes

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New Energy Dynamics Call for New Solutions at Home

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Wiser App – powerful home control via smart phone

Connect Your Home to Simplify Everyday Living

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Why Utilities Must Invest in Data Analytics to Benefit from the Internet of Things

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For Best Results, Understand the Drivers Behind Utility Demand Response and Energy Efficiency Programs

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Measuring the ROI of Demand Management for Utilities

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Demand management: Strategies for building engagement with customers

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Developing Infrastructure to Pursue Voluntary and Active Demand Management Programs

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The Electric Utility Paradox: The Most Effective Way to Create New Power Sources is to Consume Less Power

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How Residential Demand-Side Management is Helping Electric Utilities Cope with Seismic Industry Changes

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Want engagement with residential electrical customers? Make sure your energy management interface is something they’ll want to use.

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Managing the grid, one house at a time

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