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The impact of circular electrical system maintenance on extended asset lifecycles

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Universal automation: The new bridge linking plant OT and IT systems

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circular economy

How electrical system retrofits lower manufacturer operational costs and boost the circular economy

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Beam Plus

How Hong Kong’s BEAM Plus initiative helps take sustainable building performance to the next level

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The cost of not being sustainable: Do enterprises have a choice?

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building management system

When to upgrade your Building Management System

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smart cement

Holcim Cement commissions smart cement plants to drive more sustainable business operations

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smart buildings in NYC

For building owners, smart building benefits begin with the deployment of modern building management systems

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Building management

Upgrading a building management system with IoT improves user experience at convention center

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building management systems

Considering Building Management System modernization? Look at 6 factors affecting ROI.

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Modernizing Building Management System: 7 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Take Action

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power management for data centers

Modernize power management for data centers to improve PUE, sustainability, and resilience

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Five tips to reduce downtime and gain a whole lot more

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modernization electrical switchgear upgrades

A Closer Look into the True Cost of Replacing Electrical Switchgear

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Improve reliability by modernizing switchgear in low and medium voltage networks

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Moore’s Law presents Opportunities and Challenges for Industrial Automation and Aerospace Manufacturers

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5 Important Considerations when Selecting an Effective Maintenance Program for Data Center Physical Infrastructure

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Reinvesting through Modernization Services. Say what?

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GUEST POST: Don’t Get Complacent When Modernizing “Simple” PLC Systems

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Retrofit versus Replace: What Should you do with our Power Distribution Equipment?

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smart manufacturing for emerging industries

For “emerging” industries, smart manufacturing provides the path for growth and innovation

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Wildlife and Electrical Equipment Don’t Mix: 6 Tips for Prevention

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Modernizing Emergency Shutdown Systems: 7 steps to approval

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Modernization Upgrade

Why is an electrical shutdown needed for a modernization project?

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