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train station

Why Industrial UPS Batteries Are Critical to Providing Reliable Power in Transportation Industry Systems

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Li-ion calculator

Calculate and Compare the TCO of your Lithium-Ion vs. VRLA Batteries

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data center

Does the Chemistry of a Lithium-ion Battery Dictate How Safe It Is?

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To Ensure UPS Reliability, Focus on System Design, Not MTBF 

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data center

A Look Back at the Hottest Data Center Topics of 2017

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uninterruptible power supply

How to Help Customers Choose the Right UPS

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lithium ion data center

Should you convert your 3 Phase UPS to Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Batteries?

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Not Your Father’s UPS: Latest Models Offer Improved Efficiency, Management, Batteries and More

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New Report Suggests Efficiency Technologies and Programs Impact Selection of Colocation Providers

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Bloomberg Forecasts Li-ion Batteries are Poised for Big Gains in Data Center UPS Systems

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open compute project

How is the Open Compute Project Affecting Today’s Data Centers

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In a Galaxy Far Away: The Data Center of the Future

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