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St. Luke's Data Center Cooling

InRow cooling infrastructure helps Saint Luke’s Health System with Life-or-death uptime needs

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Green Concept

How an Industrial UPS and Cooling Helps a Metro Facility Earn a Green Building Platinum Rating

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Core Computing Center Data Center Cooling

Core Computing Center saved 30% in power and cooling energy costs with Schneider Electric’s InfraStruxure solution

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Environmental Awards

Schneider Electric Takes Home Two Awards for Environmental Leadership

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data center

Why Water Use is a Key Consideration When Cooling Your Data Center

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man monitoring data center

Floating Data Center – Future on the High Seas?

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MRI Machine

Why MRI Machine Cooling is Critical to Reliability and Patient Satisfaction

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Data Center Cooling

Water vs. Refrigerants in Data Center Economizer Cooling Systems: Why Water is Winning

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air economizer

How Colocation Providers Can Free up 30% More IT Capacity While Saving on Opex

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Uniflair Perimeter Cooling

Why don’t we know how much Airflow IT Equipment Requires?

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open compute

It’s Time to Consider Additional Cooling Options for Open Compute Project Data Centers

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creative idea

How a Shoebox-Sized Device Saves Colo Data Centers 30% on Energy Bills

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Is Converged IT Infrastructure Moving Us Further Down the Prefab Path?

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Prove Your Data Center Knowledge: Get Certified Through Energy University

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Data Centers

3 Keys to Implementing Scalable, Repeatable Data Center Maintenance

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Updating the Sagrada Familia: Why a World-Famous Church Needs a Micro Data Center solution

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Crystal Ball

Predicting the Future of Densities

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Retail Shopping Shop

4 Tools to Keep Up with the Speed of Retail

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Data Center Capital Cost Calculator 2.0 – Updated to Ensure Accuracy and Relevancy

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Schneider Electric DCIM An Undisputed Leader on Gartner Magic Quadrant, Again.

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5 Ways to Achieve Energy Efficiency in Industrial Precision Cooling Applications

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edge data center

Edge Data Centers have Arrived. But How Resilient are They?

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Uniflair Perimeter Cooling

Why don’t we know how much Airflow IT Equipment Requires?

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Managing the Physical Layer – High Density’s Imperative for Integrated Management Systems

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