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Higher Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) in Oil & Gas Downstream Operations Part One: Decreasing CapEx

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Augmented Reality Makes Reality Even Better for Plant Operators

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TIPs to Securely Deploy Industrial Control Systems

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How to Build More Efficient Machines with Variable Speed Drives

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The US is likely to set a record in crude oil production this year, potentially becoming #1 global producer

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Accelerating Technology and Domain Expertise are the Recipe for IT/OT Convergence in Oil and Gas

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Modbus Security – New Protocol to Improve Control System Security

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Building a Winning Team

Managing Power Protection, Control and Automation is like Building a Winning Team

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One Year After Triton: Building Ongoing, Industry-Wide Cyber Resilience

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3 tips to connect several microgrids and make your grid better

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Sustainability and Industry are no Longer Mutually Exclusive – Part 1

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IIoT Living on the Edge in Industrial Environments

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The IIoT Success Formula: Leverage software to convert new workplace capabilities into business value

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Technology and digitization: our industry lost a battle, but how do we win the war ?

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Managing the unknown

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The internet of things (IoT) and….. Mining operations?

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3-D Printing creating changes in Industrial Automation

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Smart Machines

Smart Machines Enable More Machine Builder Innovation

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Maintaining industrial productivity can be costly without a good roadmap

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The Flatter, the Better: The Origins of Flush Aesthetics in Machinery

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Industrial Automation is ready for the Internet of Things

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A formal introduction… Process Optimization, meet Energy Optimization in Cement Manufacturing

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Optimizing the manufacturing “clean-in-place” processes can result in big savings and help ensure food safety

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Shortening preparation time and reducing downtime in the pasteurization/sterilization process by optimizing control loop design

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