From Asset Ownership to Secure Power as a Service

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Warning lights are flashing red for business and policy leaders as they attempt to navigate the sea of uncertainty in the world of today. Infrastructure is critical to the operation of businesses, however the investment required to operate and renew ageing assets are typically the last in line to be approved.

Secure Power as a Service

In recent times, CAPEX approvals to renew critical to businesses are on the decline in favour of pushing out the life of existing hardware. Operating in such manner presents a heightened level of risk, simply because it is difficult to gauge how these assets will react to this short sighted strategy. Some obsolete or unloved equipment will happily run until failure— and it’s just a matter of time until that occurs.

Thankfully for some business operators, there is a new way to access the outcomes of the underlying equipment reliably and with certainty.

Schneider Electric’s Secure Power as a Service (SPaaS), which is the latest iteration of its type, allows businesses to access outcomes without requiring ownership of the key assets that support their operations. All the work behind engineering, installation, monitoring, asset servicing as well as ownership is undertaken by the service provider.

The advantages of SPaaS

Under SPaaS, customers don’t pay for assets—they pay for service-based outcomes.

Schneider Electric has recently worked with a key aged care customer based in Queensland, Australia, to switch on Secure Power as a Service across more than 40 sites. This customer has been supported by their favoured channel partner D&G Solutions Group, who have been instrumental in enabling the rollout of an innovative service, EcoStruxure Outcomes.

Customers looking to transition from hardware ownership to consumption of Secure Power as a Service outcomes can take advantage of the following:

  • No Upfront Capital Investment
    • Payments may receive OPEX treatment – consult your accounting department
  • Alignment of Costs to Usage
    • Pay monthly for what is used based on load in kW/hr or per deployed asset in a fully transparent view which creates certainty around your costs and helps avoid potential bill shock
  • Full Lifecycle Management
    • Schneider Electric takes care of everything, from installation, monitoring and maintenance to sustainable disposal with no unplanned costs ever
  • Agile Provisioning
    • Our qualified team actively monitors load and operating environment to match demand, adding capacity without the typical procurement cycles
  • Maximise Efficiency
    • By delivering the most efficient outcome for your immediate requirements, we commit to delivering an energy efficient solution from day one

With SPaaS, capital lock-in of equipment that eventually becomes obsolete is not an issue. Under EcoStruxure Outcomes, customers pay for the outcome, not the hardware or services to enable that outcome. With support from their dedicated Schneider Electric Customer Success Manager, SPaaS customers can redeploy headcount and resources towards more productive activities that they did not have the capability to attend to in the past.

Trust a More Robust and Reliable Solution

EcoStruxure Outcomes allows you to move away from hardware ownership and experience all the benefits that Secure Power as a Service can offer.

Access the business outcomes that are critical to your operations today.

Would you like to learn more? Visit the SPaaS page or the EcoStruxure Outcomes LinkedIn Page for more information.

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