Interview with Damien Dhellemmes: The EcoXpert Partner Program – A continuous evolution for enhanced solution excellence

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The award-winning EcoXpert Partner Program is a collaboration between Schneider Electric and a global network of solution experts. It underlines our commitment to delivering high levels of competency and satisfaction to our customers. With nearly 4,500 certified EcoXpert partners spanning 80 countries, the significant global reach of the EcoXpert Partner Program reflects a widespread effort to digitize and electrify the world for a more sustainable future.

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The EcoXpert Partner Program comprises 4,500 certified EcoXpert partners spanning 80 countries. The program continues to evolve to meet increasing demand for sustainability and building decarbonization.

The EcoXpert Partner Program continues to raise the bar in our industry

Distinctive to the industry, this innovative program offers 17 specialized certification paths. Focused on integrated building control, reliable power distribution, critical infrastructure management, and efficient energy solutions, this vast array of certification pathways showcases a dedication to addressing diverse customer needs with innovative and sustainable solutions worldwide.

Our shared mission to deliver smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable solutions underscores our collective focus on creating a positive impact on customers and the environment. It’s great to see such concerted efforts toward a common goal. Committed to our mission of delivering intelligent, energy-efficient, and sustainable solutions, EcoXpert partners stand united in advancing customer success. The program’s evolution is focused on empowering our channel partners to deliver excellence and value to customers by addressing their unique requirements for sustainable, efficient, and connected solutions.

Q: Less than a year has passed since the last evolution of the EcoXpert program. Why did it evolve again so soon – and why?

Damien: Schneider Electric evolved the EcoXpert program to address the changing landscape of digital transformation and the increasing demand for expertly designed and integrated energy management and automation solutions. The program’s evolution reflects Schneider Electric’s commitment to driving innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in the built environment.

This next round of evolutions was designed to further enhance market needs. It focuses on 5 key areas:

1. Industry Transformation: Rapid advancements in technology, the rise of IoT, and the increasing convergence of IT and OT have transformed the way buildings and facilities are managed. The EcoXpert Partner Program evolved to equip partners with the latest skills, tools, and resources to address these industry shifts and deliver cutting-edge solutions to customers.

2. Customer Centricity: Schneider Electric recognized the need to enhance its partners’ capabilities to better serve customer needs. The program is now more focused on empowering our channel partners to deliver excellence and value to customers. It allows them to address their unique requirements for sustainable, efficient, and connected solutions.

3. Embracing Innovation: The EcoXpert Partner Program’s evolution reflects Schneider Electric’s dedication to embracing innovation. This includes staying ahead of market trends, integrating new technologies, and delivering software as a service (SaaS) and digital services.

4. Global Collaboration: As the program expanded globally, there was a greater emphasis on fostering collaboration and sharing best practices among partners. The program’s evolution creates a robust ecosystem where partners can leverage collective expertise, learn from one another, and capitalize on global growth opportunities.

5. Sustainability and Energy Management: Schneider Electric’s heightened focus on sustainability and energy management influenced the evolution of the EcoXpert Partner Program. The program empowers partners to deliver energy-efficient, eco-friendly solutions aligned with Schneider Electric’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

In summary, the EcoXpert program’s evolution was driven by the need to adapt to a rapidly changing industry landscape. It prioritizes customer-centric solutions, embrace innovation, foster global collaboration, and aligns with sustainable energy management practices.

Q: What are the primary evolutions in the new EcoXpert program framework?

Damien: The new EcoXpert program framework has undergone several key evolutions to adapt to the changing landscape of building management and energy efficiency. The program expands its portfolio with six new competency badges. These target channel partners from Schneider’s Secure Power & Digital Grid divisions.

In 2023, we divided the new certification framework into three categories. In 2024, we added a fourth competency category called “Data Center Infrastructure and Management.” This has four new certification paths beneath it. We also added two new certification competencies in the existing categories.

The 2024 evolutions are highlighted below:

Building and Residential Automation

Our building and residential certifications have been redesigned to better address solutions in specific market segments, meet unique customer demands, and complement technical competency expertise. This new framework includes EcoXpert certifications in the following:

  • Building Automation (formerly Building Management Systems)
  • Building Security (merging the former Access Control & Fire Detection certifications)
  • Home and Small Building Automation (formerly Home & Small Business)
Power Distribution and Management

The framework for our EcoXpert power partners has also evolved. It includes the integration of digital expertise in each of the power solution certifications – from design through maintenance of the project lifecycle. These competencies align with customer site criticalities, applications, and unique solution needs:

  • Power Continuity (new certification competency)
  • Digital Panel (no change)
  • Power Automation (formerly Substation Automation)
  • Power Distribution (merging the former LV and MV Panel certifications)
  • Power Management (formerly Critical Power)
  • Power Upgrade (new competency certification)
  • Power Services (no change in certification badge name)
Data Center Infrastructure and Management

Data Center Infrastructure and Management is a part of the EcoXpert program’s framework evolution. This new competency certification recognizes partners who have developed specialized expertise in the design and management of data center infrastructure. This includes power distribution, cooling systems, energy efficiency, and critical IT infrastructure. These new badges acknowledge and promote the skills and capabilities of EcoXpert partners delivering innovative and efficient solutions aligned with the growing demands of modern IT environments.

  • Precision Cooling (new certification competency)
  • Critical IT Infrastructure (new certification competency)
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management [DCIM] (new certification competency)
  • Power Continuity & Cooling Services (new certification competency)
New Energy Landscape & Grid

These certifications serve as a catalyst for our EcoXpert partners who want to accelerate their journey to delivering more sustainable buildings, efficient installations, and advanced expertise in electrical vehicle and grid-related applications and solutions.

  • Smart Grid (new certification competency)
  • Microgrid (no change)
  • eMobility (no change)

Q: What are the benefits for existing EcoXpert partners – or those looking to join the program?

Damien: The EcoXpert Partner Program continues to provide consistent and valuable benefits to its partners, while also optimizing certification training paths and technical competencies. It’s important for partners to be able to rely on the program’s stability, and benefit from its ongoing enhancements. The program’s evolution demonstrates a dedication to enabling partners to stay at the forefront of industry developments and maintain their competitive edge.

Maintaining priority commercial and technical support, access to product and software tools, co-marketing campaigns and promotions, exclusive program communications, and event and networking opportunities ensures continuity and enhanced support for partners.

Improving and advancing program benefits aligns with the goal of elevating EcoXpert partners above the competition and driving increased profitability. This commitment to partner success reaffirms the value of the EcoXpert Partner Program as a catalyst for empowering partners to thrive in the market.

Q: What are the benefits for end customers and why should they choose and EcoXpert in the future?

Damien: The primary benefits our customers will find is the vast pool of cross-solution expertise that the EcoXpert program offers. The program is set up to address the unique solutions needs our customers have, across a large portfolio of solution excellence. Customers not only have access to best-in-class technologies – but also to the most sought-after certified expertise in our industry. The EcoXpert certification provides customers peace of mind in the solution provider they choose.

The dedication to nurturing long-term partnerships with shared customers is commendable. And the introduction of new technical competencies in the program signals an ongoing commitment to ensuring excellence and customer satisfaction throughout the lifetime of the solutions provided. This approach reflects an understanding of the importance of not just delivering solutions but also continually supporting and enhancing them to meet customers’ evolving needs.

Q: How is the EcoXpert program driving a path forward in meeting sustainability demands and building decarbonization?

Damien: The program has a direct and significant impact on advancing sustainability demands and building decarbonization. It is aligned with Schneider’s commitment and passion for delivering solutions that meet high sustainability standards, promote energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and optimize resource utilization.

EcoXpert partners offer innovative and sustainable building management and automation solutions that contribute to the overall goal of decarbonizing buildings. These solutions can encompass energy management, renewable energy integration, advanced controls, and smart building technologies –  all of which are crucial in mitigating the environmental impact of buildings and facilities.

The commitment to reducing the risk and cost of project implementation within the EcoXpert Partner Program aligns with the broader sustainability objectives. It facilitates the adoption of eco-friendly technologies efficiently and cost-effectively. This approach not only enables customers to achieve their sustainability targets but also supports the transition toward more environmentally responsible building operations.

Finally, the EcoXpert program is an integral part of Schneider’s “Partnering for Sustainability” initiative. Just as partners are essential to scaling business beyond local markets, they are vital to scaling sustainability efforts in a world of global value chains. Partnering for sustainability aims to provide our partners with the appropriate tools to be able to:

  • Pitch sustainability and gain new business;
  • Demonstrate how digital tools can reduce customers’ carbon footprint;
  • Expand its service offering to attract new clients & more projects; and
  • Acquire new certifications to upskill in sustainable technologies.

The EcoXpert certification and program framework may vary by country. Please reach out to your local Schneider Electric sales representative or EcoXpert program manager for details.

For more information, visit the global EcoXpert website or send an inquiry to

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