Keep drives alive in your industrial process with a modest investment

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In the industrial sector, the key to success lies in the efficiency of your equipment. To get the most out of business and operations, you need every device in your industrial process to be operating at its full potential.  

VSDs (Variable Speed Drives) or VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) are critical elements of any industrial process. As an industrial automation professional, you face consistent pressure to maintain the resilience of these components and keep them up to date, avoiding the risk of damage or breakdown.

How can you achieve this whilst sticking to budget constraints and ensuring uninterrupted uptime?

Introducing EcoFit Life Extension for Drives, a unique offering that as of today, is only accessible through Schneider Electric.

Choose a simpler, cost-effective approach to drive modernization

Modernization involves enhancing current industrial automation solutions by incorporating the latest technology to improve safety, reliability, and longevity. EcoFit is Schneider Electric’s approach to modernizing assets that keep businesses running, in this case optimizing existing equipment to minimize energy waste caused by outdated machinery.

EcoFit offers multiple modernization options, from extending the life of the current asset to total equipment replacement, enabling customers to choose the right option for their unique needs.

With EcoFit Life Extension for Drives, Schneider Electric helps offer a visual environmental and functional inspection to evaluate the condition of your drive and drive environment. Following the inspection is a comprehensive maintenance service, including replacement of any spare and worn parts.

Allocate time to prepare for a more extensive replacement plan

Drives that have undergone the EcoFit for Life Extension procedure typically experience an extension of at least 5 years to their lifespan. So, not only do you benefit from 5 further years without significant modernization investment, but you also get assurance that your drives are in optimal working order.

Choosing to replace functional equipment requires significant capital investment and careful planning, making it a challenging decision even when acknowledging the need for modernization. However, with EcoFit Life Extension for Drives, you get the flexibility to schedule modernization at the time that suits your business, enabling a smoother transition and less disruption, whilst only utilizing your Opex budget.

Improve uptime and reduce operating costs

Ecofit Life Extension revitalizes your drives, restoring their original performance, particularly advantageous in cases where drives have not been consistently maintained. This revitalization allows you to optimize your original capital investment, with improved operational reliability and increased peace of mind against sudden damage or breakdown.

Over time, wear and tear are inevitable, but with an up-to-date make up, your drives are less likely to be damaged or breakdown, resulting in a substantial reduction in operating costs that could otherwise be allocated to repairs and urgent maintenance procedures.

Unlock the full potential of your drives with digital connectivity

In some instances, drives can also be integrated with active Schneider Electric sensors, compatible with digital solutions for further benefits, including condition-based maintenance.

Here, users can access all product documentation and drive conditions remotely, 24/7, with configurable alarms that alert to any deviance in optimum conditions. Equipped with visibility and real-time data, users can benefit from a condition-based maintenance approach, transforming the way they work with live equipment.


Optimize your industrial process today through EcoFit Life Extension for Drives, an affordable on-site maintenance and replacement package.

For alternative electrical components or modernization options, explore our EcoFit page.

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