Transforming ambition into action: The power of IMPACT Makers

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Addressing the global climate crisis demands collaborative international effort, involving every individual. As COP28 comes to a close, its overarching goal is clear: striving to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C by fostering global unity for tangible climate action and viable solutions.

Extensive research concludes that current global warming is human-induced, and the urgency to act is intensifying. The visible effects of climate change are everywhere. From floods and wildfires to record heatwaves, extreme weather events are on the rise, highlighting the urgent need for action.

A recent survey by Schneider Electric reveals that most communities expect corporations and industries to play a tangible and active role in reducing carbon emissions. This responsibility lies with all of us — governments, businesses, and individuals. How can we turn our ambitions into meaningful action?

Collaborative action

Firstly, it’s crucial to recognize that we cannot achieve our goals alone. At Schneider Electric, we understand the power of partner and partnership in everything we do. In the journey toward net-zero, it is crucial to foster an ecosystem that supports each other.

At COP28, we announced that Google, ASM and HP have joined our Catalyze program as new global sponsors, to accelerate access to renewable energy in the semiconductor value chain and IT supply landscape.

Secondly, establishing transparency in climate action is essential for fostering trust and confidence – it creates the foundation for mutual understanding and opens up a global conversation to identify opportunities for progress.

By joining forces with global and local partners, we magnify our impact. Schneider’s Sustainability Impact Program goes beyond reducing our own carbon footprint (Scope 1 and 2 emissions) to encompass Scope 3, including our top 1,000 suppliers via the Zero Carbon Project.

Additionally, as a sustainability technology provider, we are privileged to support our customers’ journey toward net-zero by introducing innovations in digitization, electrification, and automation. By addressing opportunities in energy efficiency, productivity, and resiliency across the design, build, operate, and maintain lifecycle, we’re committed to helping our customers save 800 million tons of CO2 emissions by 2025. 

Now is the time for transformative innovation that addresses complex energy challenges. Through collaborative action and technology, we have both the opportunity and responsibility to drive an inclusive and accelerated path toward sustainability.

Our end-to-end, software-defined solutions are driven by data and AI – and can accelerate progress in efficiency and sustainability. All of this relies on decades of experience and deep domain expertise. As advocates of open automation, we believe that technology can empower and expand businesses for maximum productivity.

Nevertheless, having an impact means putting theory into practice and ideas into action. We must make choices, both as individuals and businesses.

The power of Impact Makers

We’re proud to celebrate IMPACT Makers— our greatest allies and ambassadors— who chose to make a positive difference to society and the environment with technology and innovation. They are committed to building a more sustainable future, and their stewardship inspires us all.

Let’s look at a few other examples of inspiring IMPACT Makers.

World Wide Technology in the US proactively leverages cooling and digital technology for more sustainable data center operations, raising the bar for itself, other businesses and the environment.

In the UK, our collaboration on the world’s most technologically advanced stadium — the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium — put the club at the top of the Premier League sustainability table, compiled by the UN-backed organization, Sport Positive. The stadium uses real-time monitoring and analytics to track energy consumption data across its entire operations, becoming even more energy efficient.

In France, we’ve partnered with Nexans, a global player with over 120 years of experience in advanced cable technologies and electrification. By using the digitalization technologies and predictive capabilities of our EcoStruxure platform, we’re helping Nexans boost their production efficiency, reduce emissions and fulfill their carbon neutrality commitments.

Launched in 2022, the Impact Makers Awards celebrate how Schneider Electric’s partners are creating a better world – either through sustainability leadership in their own businesses or by helping customers achieve their decarbonization goals. By sharing these stories, we inspire others and foster success.

While big ambition is essential, we must also recognize that every small step counts. Each day presents an opportunity to transform ambition into action. Meet more IMPACT Makers here.

By working together, we can harness our energy and resources to bridge progress and sustainability for all. At Schneider Electric, we are honored to partner with IMPACT Makers and shine a light on their achievements. Together, let’s chose to IMPACT our business, community, environment and planet for today and tomorrow.

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