Embrace the decarbonization journey with our Sustainability Course: Exploring Schneider Electric’s Sustainability School 

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Sustainable practices are a must for modern businesses. In the era of Electricity 4.0 and the rise of electrification and digitalization, the Schneider Electric™ Sustainability School gives you access to in-demand expertise, sustainability training courses, and practical tools to elevate your brand’s reputation and future-proof your operations.

Introducing the Schneider Electric Sustainability School

Schneider’s sustainability online training program empowers channel partners to become leaders in sustainability. With its focus on practical knowledge and solutions, Sustainability School equips industry leaders with the tools and expertise to make a meaningful impact in their industries and communities. The training program covers sustainability best practices, innovative technologies, and practical ways to integrate sustainability into your business strategy — this is your opportunity to join a global network of industry experts and help build a better world.

Chapter 1: Gain knowledge

Schneider Electric Sustainability School. Chapter 1 of the sustainability online training.

Participants establish their sustainability journey and gain a deep understanding of the sustainability landscape, including business case and global trends. They explore the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and align their organization’s goals accordingly. This chapter in the course also covers the concept of the circular economy and its role in sustainability.

Chapter 2: Take action

Schneider Electric Sustainability School. Chapter 2 of the sustainability online training.

Participants learn how to implement effective decarbonization strategies by measuring and reducing their organization’s carbon footprint, identifying improvement opportunities, and developing a robust decarbonization plan. Schneider Electric’s “Strategize, Digitize, Decarbonize” methodology emphasizes technology integration, energy efficiency, and sustainable practices; participants leverage digital tools and innovative technologies to optimize energy usage, reduce emissions, and minimize environmental impact.

Chapter 3: Win business

Schneider Electric Sustainability School. Chapter 3 of the sustainability online training.

This section in our sustainability business course covers energy management trends, smart buildings, and grid modernization. Participants explore renewable energy, energy storage, and electrification’s role in a sustainable future. By embracing innovation, businesses can unlock opportunities for sustainable growth, doing business in a more informed way to address their customer’s raising concerns on sustainability and carbon. There is an emphasis on collaboration and partnerships, with real-life case studies and best practices inspiring participants to accelerate their sustainability journey.

The Schneider Electric Sustainability School offers valuable knowledge, practical guidance, and tools to navigate the complexities of sustainability. Through these course chapters, professionals drive meaningful change, create a positive environmental impact, and forge a path towards a more sustainable future.

The Schneider Electric Sustainability School offers sustainability online courses with valuable knowledge, guidance, and tools.

Unlocking the green potential of your business with sustainability online courses

Embracing sustainability is a responsibility we owe to our planet and future generations, but we strongly believe it’s also now business common sense and should be at the heart of any company’s business strategy. Investing in building the skills for yourself and to better serve your customers is sensible investment that will only grow with time.

“Now is the time to address the global energy crisis – it’s our top priority. However, we cannot accelerate decarbonization efforts and achieve net-zero goals alone; we must rely on our ecosystem of partnerships.

Rohan Kelkar, EVP for Global Power Products
Unlock the green potential of your business with the Sustainability School's sustainability online training.

Bring your people and your business to the next level and apply to Schneider Electric’s Sustainability School to gain access to our training course. Start making a real impact today by doing good business for good outcomes.

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