Boosting innovation for sustainable solutions

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Innovation is key to ensure that at Schneider Electric we stay ahead of the game and bring the best sustainable solutions to our customers. Innovation is in our DNA; it’s our passion and the cornerstone of our growth.

We also remain committed to achieving our sustainability goals on decarbonization, Green Premium program, sustainable packaging, and circular economy. Within Industrial Automation, our collective ambition is to create sustainable solutions through future products, systems, and services that reduce the environmental footprint of our customers, as well as our own.

With our skills, knowledge, and experiences, each and every one of us is a potential innovator with ideas to make our world a more sustainable place. Combining this penchant for innovation and sustainability, we recently launched an internal sustainability and innovation ideation challenge, that aimed to boost innovation for sustainability. Employees were invited to propose innovative concepts and value propositions for sustainability, that address one of the two pillars:

Reduce the environmental footprint of our Industrial Automation offers

Innovative ideas for existing or future Industrial Automation offer to consume less or lower impact resources (e.g.: recycled plastics), extend their durability, reparability, and recyclability to develop circularity and help us reduce their electrical consumption in the use phase.

Create new offers that support customers in reducing their environmental footprint

Innovative ideas to deliver products and solutions to customers, helping them to reduce and avoid emissions, save resources through efficiency, decarbonization, electrification and supporting them in their new applications reducing the environmental impact.

The response to this challenge campaign was remarkable. We received more than 100 highly innovative ideas during the first phase of the campaign. These ideas addressed different sustainability practices such as green materials and energy sobriety, reduction of CO2 in product utilization, design for circularity, business circularity, decarbonization, efficiency and several new applications for different markets.

At Schneider Electric, we have a structured and collaborative innovation process designed to identify and nurture the most promising ideas in line with our core strategy. The process is supported by a network of local innovation coaches distributed across all our businesses and can guide others through the innovation journey.

Our innovation coaches guided the owners of the selected idea to further refine and develop their concepts and create powerful pitches for sustainability, focusing on the benefits, feasibility, and impact for our business and customers. Our jury panel, composed of the Schneider Electric leadership team, found every pitch worth pursuing further and selected the final winners. Aurelien Le Sant, Chief Technology Officer of Industrial Automation, explained: “This is a fantastic achievement and a key step to further explore innovative ideas that will make an impact on our customers, partners, and communities. On behalf of the entire leadership team, we appreciate your dedication and hard work in developing a high-quality concept that directly contributes to our sustainability mission within Industrial Automation.”

 What happens next?

These winning ideas are currently being accelerated through our Industrial Automation innovation funnel, with coaching and support from innovation experts to further explore the concept and its potential development. These innovations will help Schneider Electric in its ambition to create sustainable solutions through future products, systems, and services that have a lower environmental footprint than the previous ones and contribute to our sustainability mission.

Discover how Schneider Electric accelerates sustainability for all.

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