Unleashing my passion for innovation in the heart of Paris: My intern journey so far

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Hi there, tech enthusiasts, future change-makers, or maybe students who aren’t quite sure what their next career steps will be. As a business student at HEC Paris with a background in electronics engineering, I’m here to tell you about why I chose to embark on my internship at Schneider Electric, and what makes it a great company to work at! Ready to hear how I traded conventional for captivating and embarked on an electrifying adventure as an intern with an #ImpactCompany?

Buckle up, because this is no ordinary intern tale

Let’s rewind a bit. A gap year was looming on the horizon, and my passion for technology and innovation had reached fever pitch and I discovered my compass was pointing me toward the energy industry. I know, I know, when you think about a job in technology and energy, “big-tech” giants might pop up, but hold that thought.

My curiosity was tugging me in a different direction – to a company where energy isn’t just about power grids, but about powering change. It’s the heartbeat of economies, the lifeline of communities, and vital in building a more sustainable world.

As someone who loves tech, I thought working on innovation in a business that cares about these issues and invests in the future of energy was the right path for me. This led me to applying for an internship at Schneider Electric, and I was very happy when I learnt I landed one!

I was made to feel right at home from day one

Now, picture this: me, a tech enthusiast with a heart for transformation, stepping into the bustling world of Schneider Electric as a Business Intelligence Intern at one of our global hubs in Paris.

My French was, well, a work in progress, but fortunately the company and my colleagues embrace diversity like a long-lost friend. A language barrier? No problem. I’ve been welcomed with open arms, making me feel right at home from day one.

Everyone at Schneider, whether I know them or not, has been open to chatting and helping me with my career. I’ve learned so much from people working in different parts of the company, and their advice has been valuable for my career decisions. It’s like a networking event where everyone is not just approachable but eager to lend a hand (and remind you to take breaks and don’t forget to breathe!)

Let’s keep talking company culture, shall we?

Brace yourself, because this isn’t your run-of-the-mill 9-to-5. Oh no, it’s a 360-degree whirlwind of inspiration. Who says job descriptions are etched in stone? Certainly not Schneider!

My manager is always asking me about what I’m interested in. She encourages me to explore different areas of the business. To dive headfirst into areas that might spark my curiosity. I find myself right in the heart of the action! Learning about strategy and synergies within Schneider Electric and startups acquired. Imagine the rush of being amid the industry’s top innovators, soaking in their brilliance and turning it into real-world insights.

Learning and summer adventures combined

I’ve been putting in a lot of effort to learn as much as I can. Schneider also gives me the freedom to manage my time and respects my personal time. This means I can enjoy the Parisian summer! Learning curves meet the curve of the Seine – it’s like a double scoop of growth and gelato.

Fast forward a bit, and guess what? In just 3 months, I’ve morphed from intern to a collaborator. This place? It’s not just a company; it’s a squad of game-changers who’ve got your back.

So, there you have it – my journey into a world where passion meets purpose. Where personal growth isn’t a buzzword but a daily reality. Ready to dive into this wave of change and help us build a green future? Visit our careers website and fasten your seatbelt. The future? It’s a thrilling ride, and you’re invited to take the wheel.

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Elif Dinc, Business Intelligence Intern

Elif is a student and Business Intelligence Intern with Schneider Electric’s Innovation at the Edge team. Her role involves passionately crafting strategic pathways for innovative solutions. Beyond work, she delights in whipping up delectable dishes and embarking on adventures to uncharted destinations, all while skillfully capturing cherished memories.

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