Embracing the world of AI testing at Schneider Electric

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I am Sushmita Sinha, and I am, associated with Schneider Electric since August 2022. As a Lead Automation Tester I am glued to the exciting world of quality assurance for AI projects. The field of artificial intelligence has been rapidly growing, and although I hadn’t worked in this area before joining Schneider, it has been an enlightening and enriching journey ever since.

Navigating New Realities: From QA to AI and IoT

When I first joined Schneider, I quickly realized that AI development and data science practices differ significantly from the traditional QA methodologies I was acquainted with. This realization motivated me to explore new approaches to ensure the quality of AI applications. Additionally, as the solutions were cloud-based, I had the opportunity to explore cloud services domain, and expand my knowledge base.

Schneider Electric has expertly incorporated technology into energy management and automation solutions. The company’s innovative approach leverages the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to assist customers in optimizing their energy usage and reducing their carbon footprint. One of the remarkable examples of this commitment is the EcoStruxure platform, which provides a range of digital solutions enabling real-time monitoring and control of energy consumption.

Empowering Sustainable Innovation: Unveiling the AI Journey

With sustainability and innovation at its core, Schneider Electric continues to thrive, consistently developing new AI solutions to enhance customer experiences. As a QA professional, my exposure to Machine Learning (ML) before joining Schneider Electric was limited. However, working in the AI field has offered me invaluable insights into the fundamentals of ML and its wide-ranging applications, including within the finance domain.

Furthermore, my work at Schneider Electric introduced me to the AWS cloud platform, adding another layer to my learning journey. I have gained an in-depth understanding of cloud services and effectively utilizing AI solutions. Schneider Electric has provided access to various learning and development programs, including online courses and workshops on AWS, making it easy for me to acquire this knowledge.

In just one year at Schneider Electric, I have explored and learned testing methodologies best suited for cloud-based ML applications, expanding my skill set beyond traditional testing methods. It hasn’t only enhanced my professional capabilities infact, empowered me to contribute more effectively to the AI development process.

Fostering Balance and Collaboration: The Vibrant Work Culture at Schneider Electric

One of the standout aspects of Schneider Electric’s work culture is the emphasis on a flexible work environment, which enables employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We enjoy flexible working hours and have access to various wellness programs designed to support our well-being.

In terms of teamwork and collaboration, Schneider Electric fosters an environment that encourages open communication and the sharing of ideas. We have a supportive work atmosphere, and the company ensures we have the necessary resources and tools to perform our work efficiently and effectively.

As I reflect on my journey so far at Schneider Electric, I am thankful for the opportunities I have received and the continuous learning experiences that have come my way. This remarkable organization has not only introduced me to the fascinating world of AI specialization but has also provided me with the platform to witness the development of AI solutions from the ground up.

With Schneider Electric’s dedication to innovation and sustainable solutions, I eagerly anticipate the future, knowing that the company will continue to thrive and bring forth even more AI solutions to enhance the customer experience.

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