From vision to action: Strong women for a climate-neutral future

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The future of the technology industry is diverse! This is impressively demonstrated by twenty one Schneider Electric employees as part of the cooperation project “Strong women for a climate-neutral future” in cooperation with GASAG, Mobimeo and DENA at the EUREF campus in Berlin.

Innovation thrives on Diversity

On July 5, 2023, Schneider Electric proudly opened the photo exhibition “Strong women for a climate-neutral future” in Berlin. Diverse, modern and with a clear focus: equality and diversity in the working environment. The technology industry in particular is still often associated with a predominantly male image. But reality shows that this trend is changing – thanks in part to the support of future-oriented employers. Schneider Electric is specifically committed to female careers in technical professions and encourages women to break with stereotypes from everyday work. Innovation thrives on diversity and the courage to dare something new.

See what diversity in technical professions can look like

That’s why Schneider Electric would like to encourage women in particular who are just starting their careers to deal with technical profiles and immerse themselves in technical professional fields free of prejudice. The fact that this step is worthwhile and can go hand in hand with impressive careers is proven – in addition to great portraits – by numerous video statements by the participants. Would you like to support #strongwomen and see what diversity in technical professions can look like? Join us!

From July 6th to August 3rd, the photo exhibitions of the participating companies can be visited free of charge from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at their respective locations on the EUREF campus. We are looking forward to your visit! 

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