Schneider Electric’s first-ever sustainability impact awards recognizes 7 EcoXpert winners

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Meeting the challenge of climate change will take a collaborative effort from around the world. Every nation has shown they have something to contribute, whether it is technology, consulting, engineering, or all the above. To showcase this global push towards sustainability, in 2022, Schneider Electric announced its first-ever Sustainability Impact Awards for Partners.

Sustainability Impact Awards

This award program delivers rewards that will help our partners strengthen their brand and grow their business. Participation means that partners can:

  • Rise above the competition
  • Increase visibility in an industry ecosystem
  • Showcase capabilities via customer success stories
  • Enhance brand and reputation with customers and peers
  • Increase future partnership opportunities
  • Leverage recognition to attract new business

This competition honored the year’s best sustainability projects from around the world. Hundreds of systems integrators and other Schneider Electric channel partners competed for awards in two categories:

  • Sustainability Impact to My Company
  • Sustainability and Efficiency Impact to My Customers

The 2022 results are in!

Schneider’s Sustainability Impact Award winners demonstrated tremendous leadership in decarbonizing their own operations – or on behalf of their customers.

With many impressive entries, we’re thrilled to boast that our EcoXpert™ partners claimed a total seven awards to include one global award winner. As members of our EcoXpert program, these partners reap the benefits of our advanced training and certifications—and so do their customers.

World-class impact. Meet our EcoXpert winners.

Global Winner: Faith Technologies, Inc. (USA)

Out of hundreds of contestants, U.S. EcoXpert partner Faith Technologies Inc. (FTI) was recognized for one of the coveted top prizes: Global Winner. FTI is a prominent electrical, engineering, and technology contractor based in the United States. While their core focus is on providing comprehensive electrical and technology services, FTI has also made notable contributions to the decarbonization movement. Their work recognizes the urgent need to transition to a low-carbon economy and is actively involved in promoting sustainable practices within the construction and electrical industries. They offer energy management and renewable energy solutions that help clients reduce their carbon emissions and embrace clean energy sources. FTI enables organizations to generate their own renewable energy, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and lower their carbon footprints.

“FTI is extremely proud to be recognized as a Sustainability Impact Award winner by Schneider Electric. Our team members work every day to bring innovative energy solutions to our customers, and our partnership with Schneider Electric enables us to provide the most advanced technology and equipment to support energy sustainability in the market.”

– Rob Messina, Executive Vice President, FTI

Regional Winner: Otomatica (Türkey)

Otomatica offers a wide range of products and services to optimize manufacturing processes and improve sustainability. Their expertise lies in providing automation systems, control panels, and software solutions for a wide range of industries. Otomatica is known for their commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable, and innovative automation solutions tailored to the specific needs of their clients. By integrating cutting-edge automation systems and software solutions into various industries, Otomatica helps businesses optimize their manufacturing processes while minimizing environmental impact. Their sustainable automation solutions enable companies to streamline operations, reduce energy consumption, and minimize waste generation.

Country Winner: Azzo (Australia)

Azzo, an Australian company at the forefront of energy management and automation, is making remarkable strides in advancing sustainability. Specializing in energy management systems and power automation, Azzo enables businesses to achieve their environmental goals. They help organizations identify energy-saving opportunities, implement smart grid solutions, and integrate renewable energy sources. By partnering with Azzo, companies can embark on a sustainable energy journey, contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

Country Winner: FRA Technology (Vietnam)

FRA Technology, a Master EcoXpert partner in Substation Automation since 2021, FRA Technology focuses on enhancing the efficiency, reliability, and safety of power systems through their innovative solutions. They have gained recognition in the industry for their expertise in substation automation and their commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies to power plants. Through this work, FRA Technology is contributing to the global push for sustainability and renewable energy.

Country Winner: Hangzhou Seace Electric Co. (China)

Hangzhou Seace Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional system integrator of Schneider Electric and Master EcoXpert since 2016. It provides key power energy security products (low-voltage power distribution and dual power supplies), power and energy monitoring and management systems (smart multifunction meters, monitoring systems, microcomputer protection), and power quality management products (capacitive reactance, active filtering).

Country Winner: Indexel Engineering (India)

Indexel Engineering is revolutionizing the energy sector through its innovative engineering solutions. Specializing in renewable energy projects and sustainable infrastructure development, Indexel Engineering is driving the transition to green energy sources in India and beyond. By incorporating advanced technologies and efficient energy management practices, Indexel Engineering enables clients in many industries to achieve their sustainability goals while optimizing energy usage and reducing emissions. Through their visionary approach and dedication to sustainability, Indexel Engineering is playing a crucial role in shaping a more sustainable and resilient energy future for the world.

Country Winner: Metrum (Brazil) Through its comprehensive portfolio of sustainable solutions, Metrum enables businesses across various sectors to reduce their carbon footprint, enhance energy efficiency, and achieve their sustainability goals. In addition to being a signatory to the UN Global Compact, Metrum operates a photovoltaic system that covers 100% of the annual energy demand of its headquarters, rainwater harvesting system, and circular economy program. Metrum’s recent work has resulted in better use of energy resources and the energy efficiency of the entire infrastructure of their headquarters.

A well-deserved congratulations to all of the EcoXperts winners, and special thanks to all our participating partners for leading the charge for cleaner, greener energy.

Building a future of net zero

Schneider Electric is passionate about decarbonization and sustainability. Our unique value proposition is to support our customers on climate, from strategy to execution. And we have a respected 3-step approach, designed by our experts, to help our customers meet their net-zero ambitions:

Strategize. Digitize. Decarbonize.

The award-winning EcoXpert companies are taking this journey with us. They are highlighting the power of sustainable practices and technologies in addressing urgent global challenges. From energy efficiency and renewable energy integration to sustainable supply chains and circular economy initiatives, our EcoXpert partners exemplify the positive impact that can be achieved through sustainable solutions.

A sincere thank you to our EcoXpert partners, who are setting the benchmark for these awards. We hope this recognition will encourage more companies to join us in building a sustainable and resilient future for all.

The 2023 Sustainability Impact Awards program is Live!

Our global awards program is not only back for 2023, it will be an even bigger recognition! We will again spotlight channel partners who are making a sustainability impact for themselves and for their customers. Plus … we’re recognizing additional Schneider partners who are strategizing, digitizing, and decarbonizing to advance sustainability.

Don’t wait. Nominate your company for the 2023 awards, and tell us how you are accelerating this important cause. Begin here.

Delivering Excellence to Customers and Growth to Partners

Unique in the industry, the award-winning EcoXpert program offers an esteemed partnership between Schneider Electric and a truly global, cross-expertise ecosystem of solution providers.

Certified on EcoStruxure, EcoXperts employ some of the highest levels of competency in the industry, delivering integrated building control, reliable power management, and efficient energy solutions to customers all over the world. With nearly 4,500 certified EcoXpert partners, spanning 80 countries, EcoXpert partners digitize and electrify our world for a more sustainable future.

I invite you to read my interview on the evolution of the EcoXpert program and the value it promises to deliver to our customers and partners alike: Schneider Electric Advances the EcoXpert Partner Program to the Next Level.

Learn how to connect with an EcoXpert for your next project – or how to join the EcoXpert program by visiting our website – or contacting

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