The multifarious benefits of leveraging clean technology

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As the global population grows at an uncontrollable rate, the demand for energy, water, and other essential resources is estimated to boom. The situation puts forth the importance for businesses to curate effective energy strategies to ensure survival in the long haul. As global demands soar, the non-renewable nature of fossil fuels will lead to a steep rise in prices.[1] Furthermore, the environmental impact of fossil fuels coupled with the proliferation of green energy will make it exceptionally essential for enterprises to adopt clean technology. This article focuses on the multifarious benefits of leveraging clean technology for businesses.

What is clean technology?

It is vital to develop an understanding of what clean technology is before diving into its benefits. Clean technology is also regarded as clean tech or green technology. It refers to a cluster of technologies that alleviate or reduce the need for natural resources while minimizing the negative impact of technology on the environment and the connected ecosystems.

clean technology

The foremost sectors in clean technology

Clean technology consists of a few primary sectors such as:

  • Energy optimization and sustainable energy: This sector includes technologies that leverage sustainable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and more.
  • Clean water: This includes water treatment for safe human consumption as well as the conversion of wastewater into water that can then safely enter the water cycle.
  • Pollution control: This sector of clean technology deals with the control of carbon emissions as well as the transformation of traditional gas-fueled vehicles to electric and biofuel. Furthermore, effective monitoring of pollution, as well as the effective remediation of all the polluted facilities is also one of the primary agendas of this sector.
  • Waste management: Untreated landfills are one of the major causes of pollution across the globe. Recycling products used in the consumer market, as well as the right treatment of toxic waste, is a vital consideration that can be efficiently managed with the help of clean technology.

The importance of clean technology

  • Climate Crisis: One of the foremost reasons for the global movement towards green technology is climate change. The urgency of the situation necessitates business enterprises as well as government bodies to make a move towards clean technology to ensure the survival of the ecosystem. [2]
  • Pollution: The increasing pollution is not just adding to climate change but also worsening health concerns across the globe. Clean technology has the potential to clean our natural resources and deem them fit for human use.
  • Biodiversity: The imbalance in the ecosystem has caused a variety of species to either get endangered or extinct. Loss of biodiversity can have irreversible impacts on the entire planet.

The advantages of clean technology

  • Efficiency and Compatibility: Adopting clean technology can enable enterprises to improve their efficiency levels without adding to their carbon footprint. Clean technology is widely compatible across established organizations as well as startups which makes it exceptionally easy for enterprises to make an impact regardless of the nature of operations.
  • Pollution-free: Clean technology leverages green energy and does not emit anything harmful into the air. This makes it a reliable option for business enterprises and helps them sail through the several emission regulations set by the government.
  • Low maintenance: Another great benefit of clean technology is that it requires little maintenance and is a durable alternative to other conventional systems. Low maintenance translates to significant cost savings for businesses.
  • Limitless supply: Powered by renewable sources, there cannot be any short supply of fuel for clean technologies. This can enable business enterprises to save and enhance productivity in the long run.

The sectors impacted by clean technology

With climate change transposing the dynamics of our ecosystem, clean technology will have a significant impact on every section of society. The right execution of sustainable technology will positively impact the environment and help businesses of different sizes contribute

efficiently toward the betterment of the planet. Moreover, effective implementation will help businesses make processes efficient and save a variety of costs in the long haul.

The advent of corporate social responsibility has made it mandatory for businesses to implement green strategies and work dedicatedly towards averting the climate crisis. While a few businesses can construct and implement strategies through an internal collaborative effort, the need for professional consultants cannot be undermined.

Implementing green technology with Schneider Electric

We at Schneider Electric have been continually inspired by our partners, who have pushed us to find novel ways to empower the masses to do more with less. Our focused decarbonization program provides the right expertise, tools, solutions, and partners to propel businesses in a way that impacts revenue without excluding the ecosystem. Our carbon pledge solidifies our stance on sustainability and has empowered us to envision the goal of becoming carbon neutral in operations by 2025 and end-to-end by 2040. Planting sustainability at the forefront of our operations, we are encouraged to make our sustainability impact a reality where we empower everyone to make the most of the available resources and bridge the gap between sustainability and progress. Explore our gamut of services to know how our experts can help your enterprise give way to sustainable progress.

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