Why do companies need green consulting services?

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Humankind has gained a new perspective after the breakout of a global pandemic. It has made people realize that all the factors determining progress and growth are futile unless we care for our health and planet. Therefore, terms like sustainability and green initiatives have been gaining accelerated importance in recent years and created a need of Green Consulting Services.

People in every sector of society, including business, healthcare, and industries, are stepping up to practice and propagate sustainable practices for a greener and brighter future. In this article, we will discuss the definition, features, and advantages of leveraging green consulting services. 

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An Insight into Green Consulting Services 

In simple terms, green consulting services are related to conservation and sustainability. The idea of profitability drives almost every organization and business. In order to make a significant financial gain, it is imperative to maintain the edge in the market by adopting novel marketing strategies.  

Nowadays, several companies have a vision to ‘go green’ to enhance their brand image and to meet the evolving environmental regulations. This is where green consulting services come into the picture. 

Green consulting services help organizations lower their carbon footprint by comprehensively analyzing their operations and suggesting alternate solutions. For instance, green consulting companies may have expertise in alternative energy systems and photovoltaics.  

Additionally, by leveraging green services, businesses can make long-term financial savings by reducing their operational energy requirements. Further, we have mentioned some of the many services provided by a green consulting facility: 

  • Environmental Screening or Rapid Environmental Assessment

In the first step, green consulting companies conduct a preliminary assessment and analysis of the company’s environmental performance. In order to do this, a standardized questionnaire is filled out while recording activity data like utility bills, oil purchases invoices, etc., for all the previous years. This helps the consultants understand the company’s carbon footprint and energy consumption levels to draft a sustainable plan. 

  • Integration of a Wastewater Treatment Plant 

Every facility generates some amount of waste in the form of toxins, metal, plastic, water, and more. Usually, this untreated waste is dumped in water bodies, leading to environmental degradation [1]. Therefore, one of the most important green consulting services is the integration of a wastewater plant.  

To provide optimal results, these plants are designed with best-in-class technology and features like membrane filtration, nanotechnology, microbial fuel cells, and more. The green consulting facility deploys all these processes to make water usable by reducing the levels of pollutants in the water before it is released into seas and rivers.  

  • Leveraging Renewable or Solar Energy 

From a school kid to a working professional, everyone knows the advantages of renewable energy. Installation of renewable energy equipment like solar panels is an integral part of green consulting services.  

In addition, with the help of renewable energy technologies and equipment like polypropylene collectors, photovoltaic collectors, and solar street lamps, the dependency on energy from fossil fuels can be reduced. 

  • Automation and Self-Sufficient Buildings

It is true that slowly, we are progressing towards a fully automated world. Thus, green consulting services also implement automation technology with the idea of sustainability for optimal results. With the help of sensors and automated control systems, the installed equipment consumes the required energy and automatically turns off when the demands are met, saving a huge amount of money. 

On the other hand, by leveraging green consulting services, companies can also invest in constructing self-sufficient buildings that can generate energy without any external contribution. For example, installing intellectual solar panel systems can help achieve greater production levels by using radiation optimally.  

  • Recycling Initiatives and Waste Management 

When a company decides to onboard a green consulting firm, it also makes the employees of the organization more aware of the importance of green initiatives and practices. Hence, apart from all the tangible advantages, it also promotes the benefits of leading a sustainable life and how it positively impacts the planet. 

By drafting smart and futuristic strategies, green consultants leverage technologies like automated scanning technologies, automated food tracing systems, smart containers, etc., that sort mixed plastics by efficiently separating them from other materials. 

In addition, below, we have mentioned some other additional benefits of collaborating with a green consulting firm: 

  • As mentioned above, green practices make organizations marketable by strengthening their brand image. 
  • There are a plethora of tax rebates and credits on the state and federal levels for companies that actively implement green practices [2]. 
  • Since bringing in a positive environmental change requires a unified and collaborative effort, it fosters a culture of continuous improvement and teamwork. Additionally, it reinforces innovations and workforce morals for operational improvements and improved corporate culture. 

Schneider Electric: Making the World More Sustainable with Our Digital & Automation Solutions 

At Schneider Electric, our end goal is to build a more sustainable and progressive world by offering best-in-class digital and automation solutions for several sectors like life sciences, facility management, healthcare, data centers, commercial real estate, and more.  

Over the years, with consistent efforts, diligence, and hard work, we have built a reputation as a futuristic organization with our biodiversity pledge, carbon pledge, and Sustainability Impact Program. Here is a brief glimpse into some of the many sustainability targets (2021-2025): 

  • Increase the use of green materials to 80%. 
  • Provide seamless access to green electricity to 50 million people. 
  • Provide energy management training to 1 million underprivileged people. 
  • Reduce carbon emissions from top 1000 supplier operations by around 50%. 
  • Deliver 800 million tons of avoided and saved CO2 emissions to our customers.

Explore our website today to know more about our vision, goals and solutions! 

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