3 Reasons to Invest in Sustainable Facilities Management Services

Until a few years ago, topics like climate change and global warming were viewed as a subject of theoretical discussions. If we think about it, information about environmental degradation primarily transpires from academic papers, schools’ textbooks, non-government organisations, international events across countries, and more.

However, in the last few years, the breakout of coronavirus has rigorously shuffled the priorities of humankind. Amid mass deaths and financial crises, global leaders were made to face one inevitable truth—the fragility of human life. This brought a paradigmatic shift in the way people perceived climate, i.e., not as an abstract subject but as a gift to be bequeathed to the generations to come.

In this article, we will bring under purview some of the many reasons to invest in sustainable facilities management services.

 Sustainable Facilities Management Services: Explained

The industrial and corporate sector is the major source of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. Almost every installed equipment, machine, electrical system, and other instrument functions with fossil fuels as their primary source of power, increasing the organisation’s carbon footprint.

In simple terms, sustainable facilities management refers to services to a process that offers a facility manager the authority to bring in operational, architectural, and structural changes to lower the negative impact of the building on the environment.

Sustainable facilities management services adopt and facilitate successful tools to operate and manage facilities by executing innovative ideas like an integrated waste management plan with a variety of processes that limit the waste products of the enterprise. Below we have mentioned some of the many practices that are clubbed under the management of sustainable facilities:

  • Sustainable water consumption
  • Sustainable energy consumption
  • Sustainable cleaning and washing
  • Sustainable public procurement

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An Insight into Some of the Best Sustainable Facilities Management Practices

Lately, company and industry leaders are ready to shoulder their responsibility toward the environment. Therefore, with facility managers, they are bringing in significant structural and operational changes to reduce the carbon footprint [1] of the organisation:

  • Invest in Energy-Efficient Equipment

From back-office necessities to HVAC systems (like fax machines and printers), there is a wide range of commercial energy-efficient models available in the market today, which are becoming more affordable with every passing year.

  • Improve Your Lighting System

One of the smartest ways of minimising greenhouse and carbon emissions is by replacing fluorescent and incandescent lights and bulbs with CFL or LED lighting. They produce the same light output, which lasts longer and consumes a minimal amount of energy.

  • Employ Preventive Maintenance Across Different Locations

A comprehensive and well-thought-out maintenance strategy has multiple benefits. For instance, when organisations keep a close tab on their assets across every retail location while setting proactive and planned maintenance. This can lead to several benefits like:

  • Ensures all assets are working at their full capacity
  • The company can save money on urgent repairs and machine breakdowns
  • Calculated planning ensures assets deliver optimum productivity with minimal wasted energy.

3 Reasons for Implementing Sustainable Facilities Management?

According to several studies and reports, sustainable facilities management comprises much more than reducing the environmental impact of domestic and commercial buildings. Below we have briefly explained why it is a good idea to invest in sustainable facilities management services:

  1. Attracts and Retains Talent

The youth of our generation is smart and prioritises their own well-being over anything else. Hence, it is imperative to build a quality workplace with the right temperature, good ventilation, and natural light in today’s day and age. This is exactly what sustainable facility management helps an organisation achieve.

If the employees of a company are fully satisfied with a company’s working environment, there is a high chance they’ll stick around in the same place for a long period of time. Therefore, sustainable facilities management proves to be a major ally in retaining good talent.

  1. Lowers the Carbon Footprint of the Company

One of the most obvious advantages of sustainable facilities management is to significantly minimise an organisation’s carbon footprint. SFM services analyse all the waste and explore different ways to reduce it.

In addition, sustainable facilities management also tackles multiple waste sources. For instance, through an effective HVAC system, the operator can get an insight into the areas that lead to maximum wastage and figure out ways to reduce it.

  1. Makes the Brand Stand Out

The current generation comprises critical thinkers who invest a considerable amount of time and energy to ensure their future is safe and secure. If we give it a thought, this outlook reflects in their decisions and daily choices too.

For example, many people today prefer investing in companies that produce and manufacture goods in a way that does not exploit natural resources or damage the environment. Hence, incorporating sustainable management facilities highlights an organisation’s futuristic vision, which helps them maintain an edge in the market.

Take a Step Towards Sustainability with Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric specialises in energy management [2] and digital automation by innovatively addressing buildings, data centres, homes, industries and infrastructures by combining real-time automation with energy technologies, software, and services.

Our primary goal is to efficiently bridge the gap between progress and sustainability by introducing novel products, equipment, software, and instruments. Over the years, our multiple attempts toward building a sustainable future have won us several awards and recognitions that inspire us to find new ways to achieve more with less.

Explore our site today to know more about our sustainability goals and strategies.

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