How is digital technology reshaping different sectors of society?

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In today’s day and age, people from every age group are sprinting to meet their set goals or deadlines. When the world was hit with a global pandemic in the last two years, almost every sector and institution was instructed to work remotely, ensuring all social distancing regulations were followed.

This was when the world realized the true potential of digitization [1]. In this article, we will highlight the definition of digital technology and how it is reshaping different sectors of our society. If we think about it, today, we have a digital alternative for almost every facility or service. For example, there is no need to rush out of your home to grab a means of transport—you can simply book a cab via an app.

In fact, barring essential sectors like healthcare, manufacturing industries, agriculture, etc., every sector of society has gone online. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a sweeping statement to assert that digitization has truly transformed the way people lead their lives.

What is digital technology?

digital technology
Digital technology is inclusive of all technological devices, automated systems, electronic tools, and several other resources that produce, process, and store information.

Websites, online transactions, smartphones, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. are some of the many examples of digital technology. Below we have mentioned some of the many benefits and advantages of digital technology:

  • Digital technology allows seamless storage of data in small and compact spaces.
  • Digital tools and devices play a critical role in smart offices and home automation.
  • Digital technology also enables quick communication via different apps, websites, software, and other mediums.
  • Digital platforms have offered people more flexibility and comfort in their work by enabling an option to work from home.

How is digital technology transforming the society?

Apart from massive revenue generation, strong leadership and technological advancements are slowly becoming a yardstick to measure a country’s growth and progress. Here are some of the many ways in which digitization or digital technology is revolutionizing society:

  • Enhancing education and learning processes

Amongst all the sectors, the education sector went online for the longest period of time. In order to deliver quality education to students, teachers and professors use digital tools and platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, and more.

On the other hand, digitization has allowed students to finish online certifications and courses from reputed institutions while sitting at home. For example, Yale University offers a range of online courses for a wide range of subjects. Once the student has attended all lectures, they have to take an exam, which will declare the completion of the course, followed by a digital certificate.

  • Improvement of the transportation sector

As mentioned above, to travel from one point to another, all you have to do is open an app like Uber or Ola, book your destination, and head towards the pickup point. This brings a sense of safety and comfort while traveling, ensuring both the driver and the rider have an optimal experience.

Additionally, in our modern world, there is no need to stand in long and tedious queues to book train or flight tickets. This new digitized world has an app for that too. Log in to your most used traveling app, choose your dates and time, pay the required amount, and you’ll have a digital copy of your ticket on your phone.

  • Enabling better communication

A couple of decades ago, communication or keeping in touch was associated with phone calls and text messages. Even though they are still the main sources of communication, the onset of social media has drastically altered the meaning of interaction.

According to reports, there were around 4.65 billion social media users in April 2020 [2]. With widely prevalent social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, communication has gained a new meaning via digital technology. It allows people to interact quickly, freely, and more efficiently.

Now that we have highlighted the meaning and features of digital technology, let’s delve into how it has impacted the society so far:

  • Exemplary progress in the sales and marketing sector.
  • Striking growth in media, software, and sale via multiple internet channels.
  • Customers have easy access to approach multiple services, companies, and brands.
  • Expansion of businesses with a wide range of customers, leading to higher revenue generation.

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