It is an All Electric, All Digital World powered by Key ‘Partnerships of the Future’

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Imperatives of All Electrical, All Digital World

We at Schneider Electric believe that access to energy is a basic human right. However, with more than 80% of global CO2 emissions resulting from the production and consumption of energy, and 60% of it being lost or wasted by being used inefficiently, leads to a massive sustainability challenge.

This growing challenge requires swift redressal, and the solution lies in smart energy, that is electricity which makes energy GREEN, DIGITAL and thereby SMART. It is the quintessential force that powers industries, businesses, and the larger ecosystem to flourish. Services and offerings powered by next-gen technologies are crucial to addressing some of the most pressing needs of the 21st century. T

he growing movement towards empowering sustainability, and the focus to achieve a carbon neutral future must be driven by digital. Digitization will be the only disruptor enabling enterprises to accelerate their growth while also achieving energy efficiency at scale. Envisaging a way forward towards creating a complete digital ecosystem begins with products, analytics and services that utilize digital at core.

the new electric and digital world

Ecosystems of Partners

 With the rapidly progressing digital transformation and growing demands of energy, the challenges of sustainability, climate change and the energy transition are too big to tackle for any one business alone. Hence, organizations are increasingly looking to combine forces to innovate and co-create with partners, as the market moves to open, interoperable, digital, and simplified systems.

The most important requisite is to be cognizant of the interplay of the entire ecosystem. This creates ripples of change across partners, customers, and end users, empowering them in their individual and collective journeys and enabling them to harness the power of the new electric world.

A recent IDC report titled: ‘The Future of Partner Ecosystems’, commissioned by Schneider Electric showed that 64% of partners are co-creating with their customers and partners (a 38% increase from 2018). The vast majority (96%) of companies are either currently or are considering co-creating with vendors to develop new digital products and services. There has also been a dramatic shift in marketplace participation with almost three quarters of partners (71%) selling via a marketplace in 2020 in comparison to just 4% in 2018.

Impact of Sustainability in an All Electrical, All Digital World

The IPCC report on Climate Change presented a ‘Code Red’ for humanity, in the words of United Nations Secretary General António Guterres. Rising energy consumption and increasing temperatures delineate the growing need for strategic intervention that hinges on carbon-neutrality, equitable usage of resources and charting a balance for a progressive future forward.

In this new era, buildings and Industries will need to focus on how they interact with the environment for meeting the required sustainability goals. Technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud analytics will provide huge opportunities to accelerate digital transformation in a More Electric World. And, in this process of creating a sustainable future, robust Partnerships of the Future will play a key role in achieving the net-zero target. At this juncture, Electricity 4.0 is powering possibilities in creating a blueprint for a decarbonized, decentralized, more electric, digital, and sustainable world.

The New Energy Landscape will be defined by more electrification, decentralization, more connectivity, and software, change in behavior, business models and cyber-security. To achieve this vision of an All-Electric, All Digital and Secure New Electric World, powered by abundant clean energy, or Electricity 4.0, we will need the support of a robust network of partners.

This network will have to be high paced, built to demand, supportive with native connectivity, making sustainable and electrical safety goals achievable. Organizations will have to offer a clear view of what needs to be done to be more resilient, boost productivity, and harness innovation to further the sustainability agenda.

This includes rethinking and optimising operations to become more agile, driving innovation through cooperation, and providing uninterrupted power to vital facilities such as hospitals and data centers in the new, more digital economy. Once the ecosystem as a single entity becomes more cognizant of accelerated energy transition and rising patterns of energy consumption, the onus to integrate sustainable solutions will become paramount.

Collaboration through ‘Partnerships of The Future’

Businesses are steadily offering Future Partnerships, emphasising the critical role of partnerships in our increasingly complex, electrified, and digital world.

Today, collaboration is more vital than ever in the burgeoning technology sector. The digital economy has advanced to the point where no single corporation can supply every answer and service to each consumer. Solutions are layered and complex. The conundrum thus arises about how can we continue to provide solutions for our clients if we only have a part of the answer?

This is where the partner ecosystem presents its all-encompassing approach and solutions. Partners are vital in locating, connecting, and developing the finest solutions for the people who matter most – our customers. Technology is more disruptive than ever before. In times like these, partners who embrace change can help drive global digital transformation.

Partnerships of the Future go beyond solutions, technologies, and trainings with Digital Transformation increasingly opening avenues for resilient operations. They provide you with future-facing opportunities to navigate better in the New Electric World. We can aid digital transformation and unleash sustainable innovation to protect the environment and align with our larger goals and commitments.

Businesses are dedicated to facilitating a green recovery while supporting the mega-trends of mass digitisation, electrification, and the growing importance of natively connected digital devices and software in ensuring scale sustainability and energy efficiency. A more digital and electric world is on the horizon, and it will assist us in achieving sustainability goals, driving innovation, and empowering individuals, businesses, and the global economy.

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