3 Energy Goals for Homeowners in the New Year

Happy new year! If you’re like 30 percent of Americans, you’ve made a resolution to ring in the new year. Maybe you’ve committed to living a healthier lifestyle or stashing some extra money in your savings account. But have you set home energy goals for 2022?

If not, it’s worth considering because small efficiency steps taken at home can improve your quality of life. And now, it’s never been easier to meet your energy goals, thanks to innovative home energy technologies. With smart energy solutions for your home, you can save money, make your space more comfortable, and maintain reliable power, even when the grid goes down.

Here are three energy goals homeowners can make in the new year— along with solutions to help you meet your goals.

Energy goal#1: Save money

For example, the new Square D™ connected switches, dimmers and receptacles include built-in energy monitoring. This means you can use the Wiser Home app to monitor how much energy each individual light switch or outlet is using and use that information to help you cut back on usage.

And for a more complete view of your home’s electricity usage, look no further than smart energy monitors. These energy monitors for your home allow you to see when and where your home uses electricity, and decide the best ways to cut back.

The Square D Wiser Energy home power monitor, for example, uses artificial intelligence to detect and monitor energy use in your home’s various appliances and devices. Is the computer in your kid’s room on while they’re at school? Are you running the dishwasher during peak pricing? Is the iron still on after you’ve left for work?

Using the Square D version of the Sense app, connected to the home power monitor, you get answers. And with more data on how and when your home’s appliances and devices use electricity, it’s easier to decide how to operate with greater efficiency. You can even use it to turn certain devices on and off. Only Square D provides this level of whole home and circuit-level electricity usage data in an easy-to-use app. And at the end of the day, all this added intelligence can translate into a reduced electricity bill.

Energy goal#2: More ease and comfort

A home should be a sanctuary, a place that is uniquely yours — and one that makes you feel at ease from the hustle and bustle of life.  If you’re feeling the winds of change toward a simple and more lifestyle this new year, try making your home “smarter” with Square D smart switches, dimmers, sensors, and outlets.
Let’s say Friday night is movie night at your home. With smart switches and dimmers connected to the Wiser Home app, you can create a “Movie Night” lighting scene where the living room lights turn off and the side tables dim to 25 percent. When it’s showtime, you simply touch a button on your mobile device to achieve ideal movie-watching conditions.

Or, maybe you have a hard time getting kids out of bed in the morning. You can use the same Wiser Home app to create a “Wake Up” lighting scene that turns on the lights in your kid’s bedroom at 6:30 a.m. — helping everyone start the day on a more peaceful note.

With Square D smart light switches and outlets, you can continue to meet your energy goals for a more comfortable, and easy-going lifestyle.

Energy goal #3: Reliable power

Perhaps the most important energy goal you can make in 2022 is to keep your home powered. But if you live in an outage-prone region, you know this is easier said than done. In 2021 alone, 4.5 million Texans lost power due to an unprecedented winter storm, and almost 1.2 million Americans were without electricity after Hurricane Ida.

What can you do to ensure reliable power, even when the grid goes down?

Investing in a smart electrical panel is a good place to start. This home energy innovation makes it easier than ever to add backup power to your home. For example, the Square D Energy Center smart electrical panel allows you to quickly add both solar battery backup and a portable generator, with a lot less equipment and installation time. This revolutionary electrical panel also includes a Wiser Energy home power monitor as a standard feature — enabling you to see the power usage of all your appliances and devices and make quick decisions to optimize your backup power use.

And the energy center is ready for an unknown future of energy usage. In 2019, homeowners stayed in their home for an average of eight years. In eight years, your home’s electrical needs will likely be different than they are today. Will you have an electric vehicle? A new or bigger solar system? With the Square D Energy Center, your new home is ready for seamless integration of up to five different energy sources, including utility power, solar, battery, generator, and even your electric vehicle could potentially help power your home.

Reach your energy goals in 2022

The new year is a great opportunity to rethink some old habits and make new goals, including using your home’s energy smarter.

Need help meeting your energy goals? Learn more about connected home smart energy solutions from Schneider Electric™ by visiting our website or speaking to your local electrician.

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